WIAD 2019 at Link Campus University: Design for Difference


Saturday 23rd February 2019, 9.30 am
Link Campus University
Gymnasium - Via del Casale of San Pio V, 44 – Rome


WIAD 2019

Design for Difference

Design for Difference: it is important to understand the differences, enhance the peculiarities and be able to create harmonious systems. These differences pass as themes on the media shields, but also on agendas that technology begins to dictate to us, interacting with increasingly smart objects up to artificial intelligence.


This is the focus on which the speakers of the World Information Architecture Day, that is scheduled for 23rd February in Rome, at Link Campus University, Research Partner of the event, will debate.


The World Information Architecture Day, created in 2011 on the initiative of the Information Architecture Institute, involves 58 cities and 24 countries around the world, with training events and discussions on issues related to Information Architecture.


The complete program is available on www.wiadroma.it.