The future of health passes from the blockchain


The future of health passes from the blockchain

Verified health surveys, certified ECM training, traceability of stem cells cryopreservation and guarantee of the pharmaceutical supply chain: at the Senate event "Blockchain in Healthcare: opportunities and prospects" Consulcesi Tech presents the digital revolution of Healthcare.


Blockchain and Healthcare, a virtuous combination destined to innovate the National Health Systems of the whole world thanks to the key characteristics of this technology: decentralization, transparency, security and immutability. Potential at the center also of the political-institutional debate, through the Senate event "Blockchain in Healthcare: opportunities and prospects". An opportunity in which Consulcesi Tech, the technology division of the Consulcesi Group, a leading company in Europe dedicated to healthcare professionals, illustrates its innovative vision of the sector, presenting projects based on the so-called "chain of blocks".


«Italy must be the leader of this technological revolution - underlines Massimo Tortorella, President of Consulcesi Tech - because our National Health System is constantly under pressure also due to the progressive aging of the population. Responding to the health needs of citizens requires a thorough understanding of their requirements - underlines Massimo Tortorella -, this is now possible through verified health surveys, whose data are fake-proof, thanks to the Blockchain: a real chain of trust».


Surveys on health, on the adequacy of health services and questionnaires on insurance policies are just some of the key points that, thanks to the Blockchain, can be faced obtaining verified answers and therefore useful to concretely improve the services offered to citizens. It will be the "chain of blocks" to establish a new standard for the management of health data, starting from the medical records: with this technology, they will become part of a shared and immutable database that can be consulted by medical staff, in full respect for patients' privacy and avoiding IT risks.


"Healthcare is confirmed as a privileged field for the application of the Blockchain - explains Andrea Tortorella, vice-president of the Link Campus University Blockchain Observatory and CEO of Consulcesi Tech - and this is demonstrated by the initiatives we are carrying out. From certified ECM training, a project developed in Albania for its potential for digital innovation, to the traceability of the stem cells cryopreservation, to the partnership with IQVIA for full transparency of the pharmaceutical supply chain and the guarantee of the clinical trials inalterability".