The existence of Europe – A free appeal


The existence of Europe

A free appeal

We, the European citizens are committed to the future of Europe and are living in a situation of clear disparity between the objectives and the effectiveness of the tools put in place to overcome the emergency of COVID 19.
In the absence of both solidarity and of a political agenda for Europe, we feel powerless.
Faced with the emergency of COVID 19, Europe is called to radical choices
This emergency poses a threat to the very existence of "our" Union.

Together with the health dimension of COVID 19, there are deep social and economic consequences that necessitate a joint response.
Time has come to show clarity and consistency in the behavior of all European institutions and of their representatives. In such a dramatic moment, we, the European citizens, cannot accept delays, contradictions in the decision-making process and a lack of public statements.

We stand by the position recently expressed by the Italian President Sergio Mattarella and by other European Heads of State.
The political dream of Europe, immortalized in the actions of the Founding Fathers, is at risk of being shattered by the European institutions’ lack of action and by the Member States’ refusal to create a common front to tackle the current crisis.

All European institutions, as the voices of the European people, are called to a common responsibility. As such, we really appreciate the European Commission's pronouncement on the suspension of the European Stability Pact.
This free appeal, extended to all of those who care about the common destiny of Europe, attempts to give a strong signal of  concern which can be accompanied by sectoral debates and in-depth analyzes.

The emergency that all of us are experiencing cannot be a source of separation. Instead, it must produce a clear turning point to rethink what it means to be a “European”. Politicians, together with men and women of culture and science, must act promptly.

The existence of Europe as a "community", as well as the social cohesion of its countries, are at stake. Since the European states cannot win alone, only a European dimension can overcome this critical moment and, above all, transmit positive and common messages for the future, together with a clear and shared plan to relaunch our economies and restore sustainable relations between the European Institutions, the Member States and us the people.
The danger lies in a gap between our conscience of citizens and Institutions acting as standing above us.

The approach declared by the new Commission after the recent European elections, as well as intentions expressed by some Governments, seems to go in the right direction.
Ultimately, effective action is needed.

Aware that appeals are not enough, convinced of our ideas, we are collecting proactive contributions that can give the sense of our positions and that will be published as they become available.

Since the date of the appeal, March 16, 2020, in Europe and in each State the discussion on the issues indicated by us has continued and, considering the positions that emerged, we strongly reiterate the reasons and the contents of our appeal. Indeed, it is time for Europe to find the reasons for unity in this dramatic phase and, above all, with regard to governing the social and economic consequences of what is happening: the risk for Europe is to have not a future as a necessary "common home". If each State looks at its own history, it will find the high moments of solidarity of the other European States towards it. It is not the time to increase tensions and claims between peoples and States but to understand that without solidarity there would be no future for anyone, starting from the richest countries. An aid system without a European approach would result in an increase in inequalities. Be careful, therefore, not to replicate the mistake made with Greece. The signatories of this appeal appreciate the firmness of the recent position taken by President Sergio Mattarella and by the Heads of Governments of nine European States, including Italy and France.
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Gennaro Acquaviva, President - Fondazione Socialismo
Guido Alpa, Prof. Sapienza Università di Roma
Michele Bagella, Prof. Università di Roma Tor Vergata
Massimo Barra, Founder - Villa Maraini
Giorgio Bartolomucci, Secretary General - Festival della Diplomazia
Angelo Bernardini, President – STS
Patrizio Bianchi, Prof. Università di Ferrara
Cecilia Brighi, Secretary General - Associazione Italia-Birmania. Insieme
Massimo Cacciari, Philosopher
Aldo Carera, President - Fondazione Giulio Pastore
Giovanni Castellaneta, Ambassador
Mauro Ceruti, Philosopher
Giovanni Cipriani, Secretary General – Centro per la Promozione del Libro
Massimo D’Alema, President – Fondazione Italianieuropei
Pier Virgilio Dastoli, President - Consiglio Italiano del Movimento Europeo
Massimiliano Del Casale, General (retired) – Prof.  Link Campus University
Francesco d'Onofrio, Prof. Emerito - Università La Sapienza di Roma
Pier Luigi Maria Dell'Osso, Procuratore Generale della Repubblica, Prof. Link Campus University
Adriano De Maio, Former Rector – Politecnico di Milano, Luiss, Link Campus University
Renato Di Rocco, President – Federazione Ciclistica Italiana
Donato Di Santo, Former Undersecretary of State – Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Antonio Ereditato, Director - Laboratory for High Energy Physics, University of Bern
Roberto Esposito, Philosopher – Scuola Normale Superiore
Giuseppe Faberi, Lawyer - Honorary Deputy President, Consiglio di Stato
Valeria Fedeli, Senator - Former Italian Minister Education,University,Research
Aldo Forbice, Journalist and writer
Franco Frattini, President – SIOI
Michael Frendo, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malta
Alicia Garcia Herrero, Senior Research Fellow, Bruegel
Mariapia Garavaglia, President - Istituto Superiore Studi Sanitari
Paolo Glisenti, Commissioner General for Italy - Expo 2020 Dubai
Vanna Iori, Senator - Former Prof. Università Cattolica
Noelle Lenoir, Former Minister of European Affairs - France
Giandomenico Magliano, Ambassador
Maurizio Melani, Ambassador – Prof. Link Campus University
Alberto Melloni - Secretary - Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose Giovanni XXIII
Paolo Messa, Founder - Rivista Formiche
Lucia Morselli, Board Member – Telecom Italia
Giorgio Nardone, Founder - Centro di Terapia Strategica
Carmelo Occhino, Segretario Associazione dei Giornalisti Europei
Luigi Paganetto, President – Fondazione Economia “Tor Vergata”
Mario Panizza, Former Rector, Univ.Roma Tre – President, Postgraduate School, LCU
Franco Pavoncello, President - John Cabot University
Alessandro Pietromarchi, Ambassador
Clelia Piperno, CEO – Talmud Project
Gianni Pittella, Senator
Claudio Roveda, Rector – Link Campus University
Franco Salvatori, Prof. Università di Roma Tor Vergata
Alberto Schepisi, Ambassador – Prof. John Cabot University
Piero Schiavazzi, Vaticanista - Prof. Link Campus University
Vincenzo Scotti, President – Link Campus University
Riccardo Sessa, Ambassador - Vice President, SIOI
Marcello Spatafora, Ambassador - Formerly Permanent Representative of Italy to the United Nations
Gaetano Tedeschi, President and CEO -  Società quotate e Enti pubblici
Silvio Traversa, Secretary General - ISLE
Elisabetta Trenta, Former Italian Minister of Defense, Prof. Link Campus University
Francesco Paolo Tronca, Prefect – Prof. Link Campus University
Antonio Uricchio, Former Rector – Università di Bari Aldo Moro
Michele Valensise, Ambassador – President, Centro italo-tedesco Villa Vigoni
Piergiorgio Valente, Prof. Link Campus University – CFE President
Teodoro Valente, Deputy Rector for Research and Innovation,Sapienza Università di Roma
Riccardo Varaldo, Former Rector - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Sergio Vento, Ambassador
Ortensio Zecchino, President – Biogem
Sergio Zoppi, Link Campus University

Vito Michele Abrusci, Prof. Link Campus University
Valerio Ambriola, Student Link Campus University
Ezio Andreta, Prof. Link Campus University
Osvaldo Angeretti, Segretario ANTI Lombardia
Massimo Antonazzi, Lawyer, Prof. Link Campus University
Stefano Arduini, Prof. Link Campus University
Dante Armani, Dottore Commercialista
Alice Arnoldi, Lawyer
Salvatore Roberto Arpaia, Prof. Università di Bergamo
Giulio Azzaretto, Tax Lawyer
Luca Bagetto, Filosofo
Riccardo Baraldi, Board member of ANDAF Italy, CFO Ikonisys Inc
Francesco Barbato, Student Link Campus University
Alfredo Bargi, Lawyer, Prof. Link Campus University
Favorita Barra, Prof. Link Campus University
Francesca Basilico, Government Official
Andrea Biasiotti, Student Link Campus University
Francesco Bellini, Prof. Università La Sapienza
Federica Bellucci, Student Link Campus University
Antonino Beninato, Lawyer
Romano Benini, Prof. Link Campus University
Mario Benotti, Journalist
Angelo Bergamaschi, Mayor of Cicognolo (CR)
Danilo Bertoli, Consultant, former Italian Parliamentarian
Massimo Bianchi, Swiss certified tax expert
Michele Bianchi, Group CEO RdM
Vincenzo Maria Binetti, Studente Link Campus University
Massimo Boidi, Prof. Università di Torino, AU Synergia Formazione
Marco Bolzoni, CEO Crowe Valente
Giorgio Bonifazi Razzanti, Communication Consultant
Andrea Borroni, Prof. Università della Campania
Laura Bozza, Cittadina Europea
Matteo Bressan, Prof. Link Campus University
Massimo Campioli, Vice President ANDAF
Andrea Campiotti, Journalist and Blogger
Ottorino Cappelli, Prof. Link Campus University
Stefania Capogna, Prof. Link Campus University
Cristina Caraccioli, Avvocato
Massimo Carboni, Philosopher
Mavie Cardi, Prof. Link Campus University
Enzo Carra, Journalist and politician
Maria Elena Castaldo, Prof. Link Campus University
Fabrizio Ceresa, Managing Director & C.E.O W.F.C holding S.p.A.
Mario Ciampi, Prof. Link Campus University
Simona Coradazzi
Casimiro Corna, Consigliere FISM  (Federazione Italiana Scuole Materne) Lombardia
Maria Corna, Consigliere Comunale
Filipa Correia, Chair International Tax Committee IAFEI
Fiorello Cortiana, Former MP
Andrea Costantini, Vice President & Group CFO Agrati SpA
Biagino Costanzo, President - KNOSSO
Christian Cozzi, Student Link Campus University
Silvia Cristofori, Prof. Link Campus University
Giorgio Cuzzelli, Prof. Link Campus University
Fabrizio D'Alessio, CEO SALP SpA
Stefano D'Alessio, Student Link Campus University
Andreas Dal Santo, CFA, Managing Director, Solidus Capital Group
Piero D’Amelio, Lawyer
Luisa Damiano, Prof. Università di Messina
Michele D’Apolito, Mngg Partner Nexus Stp, Partner LawOne Tax
Nerio De Bortoli, President Istituto Curatori
Michelangelo De Donà, Prof. Link Campus University
Marco de Grandis, Engineer and Company Manager
Fulvio Degrassi, Presidente BoD Suite23
Antonella Della Rovere, Partner Crowe Valente
Massimiliano Della Torte
Eugenio De Rosa
, Pianist
Giovanni Devastato, Prof. Sapienza Università di Roma
Monica Dialuce Gambino, Former General Inspector - Croce Rossa Italiana
Arturo Di Corinto, Prof. Link Campus University
Alessandro Di Giuseppe, Student - Link Campus University
Eleonora Di Mascolo Riccio, Student Link Campus University
Nicola Dimitri, Prof. Università di Genova
Enzo Di Nuovo, Filosofo della Scienza - Università del Molise
Donatella Di Paolo
Carlo d'Orta, Prof. Link Campus University
Remo Dominici, Prof. University of Genoa
Marco Donfrancesco, Advisor Cyber Security - Link Campus University
Marco Emanuele, Prof. Link Campus University
Sebastiano Fadda, Professore ordinario di Economia Politica
Gianluca Faella, Prof. Link Campus University
Eugenio Favale, Senior Advisor PMD
Alessandro Figus, Prof. Link Campus University-Vice Rector at IMI NOVA (Moldova)
Fulvio Forino, Pres.Associazione Dedalo '97-Coord.Festival della Complessità
Lelio Fornabaio, Prof. Link Campus University
Juan Eduardo Felicioni, Student Link Campus University
Elisabetta Ferrero, Legal Counsel, Torino-Italy)
Marco Filoni, Prof. Link Campus University
Franco Finocchi, Dottore commercialista
Claudia Fiumefreddo, Student - Link Campus University
Fabiana Forte, Università degli Studi della Campania
Sergio Fusaro, Presidente emerito del Tribunale di Padova
Mario Fuzzi, senior partner Luxteam
Bruno Gabbiani, Presidente ALA Assoarchitetti
Raffaele Galano, Prof. Link Campus University, President Osservatorio Economico Giuridico latinoamericano
Alfredo García, Prof. University of Valencia-Spain
Massimo Garuti, Chartered accountant
Giuseppe Gasparrini, Notary
Gilberto Gelosa, Consigliere Area Fiscalità CNDCEC
Massimo Getto, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer Viasat Group
Luca Giannini, Prof. Link Campus University
Antonino Giannone, Prof. Link Campus University
Cinzia Giaretta, Chartered Accountant
Saverio Goffredo, Legal Specialist, Valente Associati GEB Partners
Marco Gorini, Prof. Link Campus University
Gloria Gaiba, Tax Consultant
Rosa Gallelli, Prof. Università degli Studi di Bari
Riccardo Garegnani, Dottore Commercialista e Revisore Legale in Milan
Antonio Gargano, Funzionario - Tribunale di Benevento
Franco Goglio, Presidente e AD Goglio Group
Anna Graziano, Prof. Link Campus University
Emilio Greco, Deputy Rector for didactic activities - Link Campus University
Paolo Gualandris, Journalist - Capo redattore La Provincia di Cremona e Crema
Gualtiero Imani, Consultant
Vincenzo La Mattina, Amministratore Cogitek Srl
Marita Langella, Student Link Campus University
Stefania Lazzari Celli, Secretary General – Fondazione Link Campus University
Hagen Lehmann, Prof. Università di Macerata
Gianfranco Leonetti, Link Campus University
Giuseppe O. Longo, Teorico dell'informazione e scrittore
Gerardo Longobardi, Past President CNDCEC
Francesco Macci, Student Link Campus University
Luca Magnanelli, Finance and Administrative Director Rivers Properties and Consulting SA, Orlean Group
Aldo Marandino, Professore
Daniele Majorana, European Citizen
Michele Malusà, Secretary General ANDAF
Sergio Manghi, Prof. Università di Parma
Roberto Mannozzi, Central Director Ferrovie dello Stato SpA – President ANDAF
Luca Mantovani, Managing Director – Mercury Media Consulting
Aurora Marrocco, Avvocato
Flavia Marzano, Prof. Link Campus University
Roberto Masiero, Prof. Ordinario Storia dell'architettura
Salvatore Mattia, Lawyer
Carlo M.Medaglia, President–Undergraduate and Graduate School,Link Campus University
Mauro Miccio, Prof. Università Roma Tre
Massimo Micucci, Link Campus University
Massimo Miglietta, Prof. Università degli Studi di Trento
Gianfranco Migliarotti, HR Director & CFO
Manuela Minozzi, Prof. Link Campus University
Emilio Misuriello, CEO – ESRI Italia
Erminio Orlando Mola, Lawyer
Giorgio Monasterolo, Dottore Commercialista e revisore legale
Marina Mottura, Dottore Commercialista
Donato Marco Occhilupo, Link Campus University
Simona Nocera, INMP
Antonella Orlacchio, Link Campus University
Emilio Pagani, ANDAF Advisory Council Member in Padova
Gaia Pandolfi, Communication Specialist
Sandro Pandolfi, Architect
Pietro Panzarino, Historian, Journalist, Deputy Director - OGGITREVISO
Ivano Pasquini, Chief Financial Officer Fagioli Group
Giovanni Pedroni, Finance Director Marazzi Group
Paolo Pensotti Bruni, Dottore Commercialista - Revisore Legale
Greg Perez,
Antonia Pigna, Anestetista-Rianimatore
Riccardo Piroddi, Prof. Link Campus University
Paolo Polastri, Unione Avvocati Europei - Membro Commissione Diritto Tributario
Massimo Proto, Prof. Link Campus University
Franco Quillico, Prof. Link Campus University
Natale Rampazzo, Prof. Link Campus University
Giuseppe Rao, Director General - Prime Minister's Office
Stella Raventos-Calvo, President of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisers (in her own name)
Luigi Reale, Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti di Milano
Beatrice Rebecchini, President – Alfa Fcm
Stefano Regard
Franco Rella, Philosopher
Giuseppe Riga, General Manager Menowatt Ge SpA
Franco Roccatagliata, Prof. College of Europe, Bruges
Roberto Rocchi, Prof. Link Campus University
Paolo Romano, Prof. Link Campus University
Valter Ruffa, Chartered Accountant
Pasquale Russo, Director General – Link Campus University
Andrea Salmaso, VP Sales & Customer Engagement Wolters Kluwer Italia
Antonio Scaglia, Prof. Università di Trento
Paola Scampoli, Prof. Università di Napoli "Federico II"
Augusto Sciacca, Painter and Journalist
Silvia Sciubba, Libera professionista (marketing)
Chiara Scotti, Link Campus University
Giulia Scotti, Link Campus University
Gaetano Scuzzarella, CFO Fiege Logistics Italia
Pierpaolo Sicco, Student - Link Campus University
Uberto Siola, Architect
Luigi Simonetti, Consigliere Comunale - Melfi (PZ)
Chiara Simonigh, Massmediologa, Università di Torino
Giulia Sommer, Student - Link Campus University
Anselmo Speroni, Board Member Fagioli SpA
Diana Spulber,Full professor - People's Friendship University of Russia, Moscow
Antonio Stango, Prof. Link Campus University, President FIDU
Lucia Starola, Libero professionista
Simone Tani, Prof. Link Campus University
Francesco Testa, Student - Link Campus University
Stefania Toti
Ugo Tovaglieri, Consigliere/Director Goglio S.p.A.
Massimo Tizzano, Painter
Luca Luigi Tomasini, Certified Tax Advisor
Filippo Alberto Tresca, International Tax Consultant
Daniele Trevisani, Director Studio Trevisani Communication Research
Alberto Tron, Prof. Università Bocconi
Pierluigi Troncarelli, Dottore commercialista
Vincenzo Valenti, Secretary General-Istituto Mediterraneo per l'Asia e l'Africa
Roberto Vavala, Sales Director Latin America Goglio SpA
Nicola Vecchietti Massacci, Libero professionista
Maurizio Venafro, Director General – Global Education Management
Gabrio Vitali, Docente di Letteratura italiana e di Storia
Maurizio Zandri, Prof. Link Campus University
Paolo Zanenga, Presidente Diotima Society
Silvia Zorzetto, Prof. Università degli Studi Milano

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