An innovative and structured approach.

Compared to the other public and private Italian universities, LCU boasts a training program characterised by an innovative methodological approach, as well as well-structured teaching.

The teaching process is based on teacher-student interaction so that students are encouraged to learn as much as possible, so as to solve a number of problems, arising from the economic, institutional, communication and legal fields.

Besides traditional lectures, different interactive tools are used, such as:

  • “Strategic Conversation”, focused on specific problems;
  • Laboratories, aimed at preparing students to understand the innate complexity of the practical problems of the world of work;
  • Moments of “Immersion Mix” during which students, together with teachers, deal with issues that require multiple knowledge even outside the specific cognitive boundaries of the study program.

Furthermore, in order to better explain the reality of the subjects (public institutions, enterprises, etc) which represent employment opportunities for graduates, the so-called “Learning Global Journeys” are offered in Italy and abroad.
In other words, the innovative elements characterising LCU’s teaching methodology are:

  • “Teacher-student” active interaction;
  • “Learning by Doing”;
  • Multidisciplinary approach to complex issues;
  • Debate on the problems affecting the world of work (Learning Journeys).


You will have the opportunity to use some spaces dedicated to interdisciplinary laboratory activities. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art IT technologies and systems.

The laboratories are a tool to:

  • Support the teaching activity, the development of projects, the experimental theses, exercises and individual or group discussions, etc;
  • Support the research activity;
  • Develop innovative projects from a technical and scientific point of view.


The Laboratories:

  • CDSM - Digital Communication and Social Media;
  • DEI - Digital Experience and Innovation Lab;
  • LUA - Usability and Accessibility Laboratory;
  • LIS - Margherita Hack Social Innovation Laboratory;
  • GP UAV Lab - Geomatics and Photogrammetric;
  • SILab - Scientific Intelligence Laboratory;
  • TSw - Wireless Technologies and Systems;
  • LVL - Link VigamusLab;
  • Cyber ComandLab


In addition to traditional lectures and lab sessions, LCU students actively participate in meetings and seminars with professors and experts from all over the world to increase students’ skills and broaden their knowledge. Meetings and seminars are usually held in Antica biblioteca and the Gymnasium.

TUTORING to help you study.

LCU tutors support students during all the training program, making them actively involved and contributing to remove any possible obstacle to the learning process.

The main field of action is thus teaching assistance, offering support to the study of the single matters in order to improve the quality of learning. Furthermore, tutors provide information to build or redefine curricula. The tutoring service is delivered by LCU Professors and Researchers.

MENTORING to follow you through the world of work.

The Mentors’ main objective is to develop knowledge and expertise which are necessary in the world of work.

Expert managers support the students who are going to complete their training program, in order to turn the experience acquired into practice.

ANGELS to follow you in the university daily life.

During your path at LCU, you will be followed by Angels. They will support you for the activities related to logistics: class schedules, classrooms, IT related aspects, dialogue with professors, etc.