Care Services for all International Students

The Welcome Link Office offers assistance to foreign students wishing to study at Link Campus University.

Welcome Link Office offers information, advice and assistance for:

  • Registration and enrollment to courses, and recognition of academic qualifications;
  • Recognition within the context of mobility programs;
  • Assistance in requesting a Residence Permit and accompaniment to the Police station for the concluding of the procedure;
  • Assistance in requesting a Tax Code;
  • Information regarding healthcare.


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Assistance for the request of an issuance AND a Residence Permit

The staff at Link Campus University will assist you with all the paperwork necessary for requesting a Residence Permit.

Appointment focused on the Police Station: You may book an appointment for the police station along with other students who need apply for a Residence Permit.

Accompaniment to the Police Station: On specific days, our tutors will accompany you to the Police Office of Immigration in Rome, along with all students who have made ​​an appointment.

All you need to know about the Residence Permit for study purposes

If you are a citizen of non-EU countries and you intend to stay in Italy for more than 3 months, you must apply for a Residence Permit within 8 days of your arrival in Italy.

If you are an EU Citizen you may stay for up to 3 months in Italy with just a valid identity document for travel abroad issued by your country. After 3 months from the date, you will need to enroll in the registry of your municipality of residence by submitting the following documents: certification of membership, health coverage and documentation certifying economic capability.

Asking for a Residence Permit for study purposes

The request forms are included in the yellow striped kit available at all post offices: Check on the the portal which documents are required.

You will need to fill out the forms in block capital letters with black ink, in the appropriate spaces. Present the request in an open envelope at any post office in which there is a “Door Friend”.

Remember to bring with you to the post office a passport or other valid forms of identification.

The service costs 30 Euros, plus 27 Euros for the release of the electronic Residence Permit, which you will pay with a postal slip at the time of request.

At the end the Post operator will deliver the receipt of the registered letter. You can keep it and use it to sign up at the Registry and Health Service.

Upon receipt, two personal identification codes are printed (user id and password), through which you can check the status of your application on the website, or check on the police website if the Residence Permit is ready to be picked up. In addition to the receipt you will be notified of the date in which to present yourself to the Police Station for the first appointment.

In the police station you should present four passport-size photographs with a white background, a copy of the documents you have already been sent with the kit, the original passport and proof of registration of the kit.

During your appointment your fingerprints will be taken.

Assistance for the Application for a Tax Code

At Link Campus University you will be provided with the form and advice to correctly fill in the application for the Tax Code. You can then decide whether to return the form to the office of the Revenue or delegate the University to request it for you.

If you apply for a residence permit for study purposes: make the request at the specialized immigration counters which also present an application for entry into the territory. The police headquarters, via electronic connection with the Registry Office, attribute a Tax Code  to foreign nationals who do not have them and require the issuance / renewal of a Residence Permit.

If you are a student of the EU Community: you can request a Tax Code through any office of the Inland Revenue (Agenzia delle Entrate), using form AA4/8. On the request you should correctly indicate your personal data and tax domicile. Along with the request, you must show a valid form of identification.

All you need to know about the Tax Code

The Tax Code in Italy is a means of identification of citizens in their relation with the authorities and public administrations. It is composed of 16 alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers that represent your personal details: name, sex, date and place of birth).

The Tax Code is issued by the Inland Revenue (Agenzia delle Entrate). Citizens who are entitled to health care assistance of the National Health Service are also issued a health card (which additionally contains the Tax Code).

In the event of loss or theft, you can ask for a new copy of the Tax Code at any Tax Office, producing the declaration of loss or theft and valid ID.

All you need to know about Health Insurance

Students belonging to the states of the European Union, the EEA states (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and Switzerland

Students belonging to the European Union member states who do not transfer their residence in Italy can enjoy the health care thanks to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by the Health Institution of the country of origin. If you do not already possess one, you need to contact, preferably before departure, the issuing institution.

The TEAM card allows direct access to the National Health Service (for example, visiting a doctor, access to hospitals or health centers). The overall objective is to ensure that assistance will cover the duration of your stay. In any case, consider that the card does not cover any costs of private health care that are chargeable, and planned care for which it is necessary to be issued an S2 form by the competent institution of the country of origin.

In the case of transfer of residence in Italy it is necessary to be issued an S1 form by the Health Institution of one’s own country, which tgives the right to health care, equal to a resident Italian citizen, through compulsory membership of the National Health Service, to be performed at the relevant District Health Centre.

Students belonging to countries with which bilateral agreements apply

Students belonging to States with which the Convention of health coverage applies, have health coverage through the National Health Service thanks to models for the temporary stay issued by the competent health institutions in their country of origin.

The following lists the states in the Convention and their relevant template to request:

  • Australia – Medicare card (only valid for six months after entry in Italy);
  • Brazil – form I/B 2;
  • Croatia – form 111;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro – form OBR 7;
  • Principality of Monaco – form I/MC 8;
  • Republic of San Marino –  form I/SMAR 8.

These forms must be submitted before requesting health benefits, the Social Health District land which will release a module that must be shown whenever you need health care.

These models do not cover the costs of private care and health services, only allowing you to get relief, occurring during your stay in Italy, at public facilities or convention.

To get the scheduled treatment it is necessary to be authorized by your country, who will issue the appropriate model. As an alternative to the forms above, it is possible to make the voluntary registration to the Regional Health Service as set forth below.

Students belonging to Non-EU countries

Students from outside Europe must prove that they have health insurance valid at the time of the request of the permit.

Health care coverage can be obtained:

  1. Through private insurance contract. The private insurance contract may be concluded in Italy or abroad with any insurance company that meets the following requirements:
  • To be valid in Italy;
  • Covers all risks of disease;
  • To have a duration equal to the period of stay in Italy, with details of commencement and expiry dates;
  • To include guidance on necessary procedures to be followed for a reimbursement request;
  • To be lawfully traslated into Italian when it regards policy stipulated in the country of origin.
  • Tax Code;
  1. Through voluntary registration to the Regional Health Service. In this case, the student must go to the District Health Centre, along with:
  • A copy of the Residence Permit or receipt of the submission of the application for a Residence Permit posted at the post office (a postal receipt);
  • A receipt of payment of € 149.77 made ​​to c/c n. postal c / 370007 payable to: Tesoreria Provinciale dello Stato, Regione Lazio (Provincial State Treasury, Lazio Region); regarding: “the National Health Service registration year …”
  • Voluntary registration entitles you to health care equal to an Italian citizen, and is valid for the calendar year (1 January – 31 December) is not divisible and has no retroactive effect.


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