Training programs are always combined with internships. LCU’s internship and job placement service offers an integrated system of services addressed to both undergraduates/recent graduates and to national and international enterprises, in order to promote the knowledge of the labour market and employability.

The internship experience, which is made both within the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (curricular internship) and at the end of the training cycle (extracurricular internship) is an important opportunity for one’s own study program. Thanks to the internship experience, students will have the opportunity to strengthen what they have learned in class, approach the labour market, test their own abilities and professional choices, acquire a certified practical experience and enrich their own resume. Over the years LCU has strengthened its relations with a number of firms, confederations of public and private, Italian and foreign enterprises, agencies and associations to host its own students in the internship and foster job placement at the end of the study cycle.

The networking activity has created several relations with the labour market aimed at enhancing, sharing and comparing ideas and experiences, with the aim of comparing and aligning its own study programs with the growing needs of the enterprises, the third sector and the Public Administration.

The Internship & Job Placement Office’s action has been developed to match the demand and the offer of internship/work in an effective and virtuous way.


The stages of the internship research activity occur through:

  • Counselling and motivational interview with the Internship & Job Placement Office;
  • Collective coaching seminars (International Coaching Federation);
  • Individual coaching meetings (International Coaching Federation);
  • Interviews with rms and head hunters agreed upon with the University;
  • Long-life learning at all levels.


LCU wants to be for its own students and for the young people who wish to apply their own entrepreneurial animus, a benchmark for innovation, creativity and new enterprise.

To achieve this objective the Department for Research has created a Start-up Unit, aimed at supporting the students who want to develop their own self-entrepreneurship and transform their ideas into productive enterprises.

From hi-tech to gaming, from design to fashion, from international cooperation to innovative technologies applied to strategic sectors of economy, the ideas born in our classrooms can be evaluated as start-ups and supported by the University until they will become innovative companies. After the kickoff, LCU also provides start-ups with agreements with venture capitals or accelerators such as IStarter to continue in growth.

The University of doing is DOING Startup!