Link Campus University hosted the third edition of #ProteoBrains, the annual event organised by Generazione Proteo Observatory, on 24th and 25th May.

The key actors of this two-day event were hundreds of students coming from educational institutes all over Italy. They had the opportunity to express their ideas and have a debate with a number of civil society’s influential representatives on current topics.

This year, in particular, #ProteoBrains’s activities opened with a press conference during which the White Paper Generazione Proteo, edited by Nicola Ferrigni, director of Generazione Proteo Observatory, was presented. It brings together five years of research activity conducted by the Observatory, as well as a report on #ProteoBrains’s experience.

During the press conference the outcomes of the 6th Research Report carried out by Generazione Proteo Observatory, including interviews with about 20 thousand students (17-19 years old) representing the whole national territory, were presented as well.