Presentation of the Book “Crypto-disclosed”. The reason why there is no way back from the Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies”

Tuesday, June 26
Link Campus University
Via del Casale di San Pio V, 44 Roma

On the occasion of the launching event of the first dedicated Master at Link Campus University.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are playing a key role in the context of what emerges as a real cyber revolution with a mass impact. However, ICO, hash, mining, token and Smart Contracts are terms that have not yet entered into the common wording. Nevertheless, they are of utmost importance to acquire a sense of direction when dealing with current technological developments. That was in fact the trigger that prompted Andrea and Massimo Tortorella – two italian entrepreneurs with a long background of achievements in Italy and abroad – to write the essay “Crypto-disclosed. Why there is no way back from the Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies”(published by Paesi Edizioni).

As Massimo Tortorella, President of the Consulcesi Group, stated: “We aim at providing a simple and clear-for-all explanation for such a revolution. It is relevant to gain knowledge and become able to handle innovative processes of the Blockchain, in order to take on a leading role vis-à-vis technological progresses that are impacting our daily life: from regulated funds to copyright, from e-voting to administrative transparency”.

Andrea Tortorella, CEO of the Consulcesi Tech, highlights that “As it happens with all major technological revolutions, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies become the target of doubts, criticism, and from time to time of real anathemas. At the same time, the true challenge of the entrepreneurs nowadays is to manage innovation without fears and hesitations, while taking full advantage of potential opportunities, to the benefit of the whole human community”.