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The Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts is the only training course in Italy that combines the characteristics of a Performing Arts Academy with a university degree and aims to train professionals specialized in the fields of theatre and cinema, of visual, scenic and multimedia arts.

The course was designed to maintain a balance between the historical and critical study of performing languages ​​and the experience of practical workshops thanks to a study plan that, on the one hand, reinforces the historical, humanistic and literary training - an indispensable background for the development of more practical and specialized skills - and on the other it offers activities more specifically aimed at practical training objectives, related to specific employment prospects in the sector of entertainment and audiovisual media industry.
At the end of the course the student acquires a complete vision of the project realization processes in the artistic field and is able to actively follow the entire production chain.




The Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts combines university preparation with the workshops of a real academy. For the past 10 years this course has been training actors, authors, performers and directors who have reached the most important national and international audiences: from Joele Anastasi, actor, author and director who won the Roma Fringe Festival and the San Diego Fringe Festival 2013, to Dimitri D'Urbano, actor and performer, on stage in national and international theatres with the last three Emma Dante’s plays and in the “La Scala” theatre with the opera “Carmen”, to Gianni Spezzano, actor, playwright and director awarded Best Actor with the Medal from the President of the Republic for his interpretations in "Patrizio", a show he wrote himself and in the TV series “Gomorra” by Roberto Saviano in which he played the role of Fernardo; Annabella Aurora Calabrese interpreter in the film "Un nemico che ti vuole bene" ("An enemy that loves you") by director Denis Rabaglia, alongside great actors such as Diego Abatantuono, Sandra Milo, Antonio Catania, Massimo Ghini, Roberto Ciufoli and Antonio Folletto.


Many students and former students have starred alongside Alessandro Preziosi in important shows on tour in the most important Italian theatres such as Cyrano De Bergerac, Don Giovanni and Romeo and Juliet.


Graduates acquire the tools to access the following professions:

- performer (actor, singer and dancer) able to interpret projects in the theatrical, cinematographic and multimedia sector, as well as to contribute to the artistic conception in the field of multimedia production;
- director and author able to conceive, create and edit texts and contents in theatrical, cinematographic, audiovisual and multimedia fields for public and private institutions;
- film, theatre and television producer.



The Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts, majoring in Performance, is aimed at shaping the profile of the contemporary actor, able to interpret, but also design and take part in cultural and entertainment projects in the fields of theatre, cinema and TV.

The Performer profile combines a tough theoretical academic knowledge and the practice achieved through labs and work experiences, led by excellent key actors of the sector. Students who graduate in Performing Arts at Link Campus University are able to enter the world of work with a professional profile that is more versatile than that of the traditional actor, enabling them to intervene in the creative and productive phases thanks to the competence acquired in the sectors of creative writing, theory of languages and entertainment economics. The Performer Program is held by faculty, who is famous in the field, such as Maria Shmaevich and Silvio Peroni.


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The Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts, majoring in Filmmaking, offers the necessary tools to work in this sector: a sound theoretical knowledge and a practical introduction to the main techniques of writing, filming, production and post-production.

The Filmmaker is much more than a director or an author in the field of show business as, they not only design and conduct set-up projects, but also deal with the production of content in the sectors of cinema, TV, advertising and multimedia.
Furthermore, the Filmmaker is also involved in projects of awareness-raising of the culture of arts and media and works on the whole production chain of the design and implementation of didactic-teaching projects in the fields of music, theatre, cinema and arts.


This lab provides students with the necessary tools of communication in order to speak with spontaneity when performing.

Linklater method is aimed at diffusing the tension which inhibits the voice and toning imagination, mind and body thus making students ready to fully express their own thoughts and emotions.

The body is trained to a full command through exercises of flexibility, tension, balance, coordination, development of the impulse and its evolution in the movement and space perception.

The acting lab is aimed at providing students with the necessary technical knowledge and the necessary sensitivity of interpreting in the field of acting, together with full awareness of the processes of performing in professional contexts.

During this lab, students will handle the project from its early stages, from the development of the concept to the drafting of a plot, from the script to the planning of the implementation phase.

Shooting schedule, financial resources and business plan. The project takes shape and the student becomes self-confident with the dynamics of planning, management and accounting, as well as with the problems of market structure, promotion, distribution and marketing in the audio-visual field.

Students are equipped with both technical and practical tools, together with elements of direction, photography, shooting techniques and style.

Students are provided with the basics of editing and video/sound post-production (special effects, workflow, colour) so as to acquire independence and awareness of the several aspects related to arts, technique, direction and production in the sector of audio-visuals in the different multimedia applications.

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The Producer path shapes the figure of the production manager, an all-round operator in the design and implementation of cultural projects (theatrical, cinematographic and audiovisual).
The Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts trains professionals capable of working in the world of culture and entertainment, dynamic sectors full of new job opportunities.



The workshops of the Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts are focused on focal sectors of the world of culture and entertainment. They are part of the study plan offering students the chance to test themselves in highly specialized professional contexts.


Musical Theatre

The workshop is aimed at deepening the study of dance, specifically the "musical" genre. The study plan is divided into a technical part (specific bases, body posture, rhythm study, etc.) and a repertoire section (choreography study).


Scenic movement

The workshop is aimed at making the body a fully expressive mean entirely capable of transmitting the life of the character. Through exercises of movement and mastery of space, aimed at developing the psycho-physical qualities of the actor, the body is educated and trained up to a complete mastery.



The workshop provides students with the indispensable technical background and the necessary interpretative sensitivity in the field of acting, together with the full awareness of the staging processes and the professional contexts. The disciplines of acting are addressed from the analysis of the text to the actual staging, passing through an overview of the correct use of the different acting techniques.