MUV Project: Play Making at the Pigneto district in Rome for sustainable mobility


MUV Project

Friday, March 22nd will be held at “FAMO COSE” Makerspace Rome the first Roman appointment with the Play Making of MUV.

MUV is a research project funded under the Horizon2020 program which aims to improve urban mobility by involving citizens, companies and local institutions in serious games dedicated to urban places. The project is already under way in the neighborhoods of six European cities and for Rome the Pigneto district has been selected.


The Link Campus University Dasic Research Center participates in the project by organizing the first of a long series of appointments and workshops aimed at rethinking local mobility behaviors through encounter, play and fun. In addition to giving new tools to the citizen who must move in the urban environment, the initiative is also designed to provide institutions and all the various stakeholders with information useful for viewing and analyzing data on citizens' mobility behavior. In this regard, a gamification app for mobile devices will be designed, created and tested.


The results of the workshops and the individual mobility data collected by this app will therefore be used to inspire new policies on urban transport that are no longer based on the flow of cars but on those of the citizens themselves.

The first meeting with the Play Making will be hosted by “FAMO COSE”, a makerspace in the heart of Pigneto fitted with spaces and equipment dedicated to startuppers and digital artisans. “FAMO COSE” was born as a place of sharing, a place of skills and knowledge exchange and creativity and business networking.


The event is scheduled for Friday, March 22nd in Via Caltanissetta 26, from 6 pm to 9 pm, with open participation to all.
You can book for free here.