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Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or Master of Arts Degree or equivalent
Typology: First-level master
Duration: One year

Starting date: end-April
Language: English
Credits: 60 CFU
Duration: Annual:

  • 400 hours of frontal teaching activities;
  • 160 hours of deepening activities (testimonies, workshops, simulations, visits, seminars);
  • 40 hours of orientation module;
  • 20 hours of coaching

Attendance: Alternate weekends and a few full-time weeks


The postgraduate offer of the Link Campus University of Rome fits into carefully selected environments, with the aim of responding, also in the method, to the philosophy of the University.
All masters are characterized by interdisciplinarity, multiculturalism, comparison and critical analysis. In addition, the University guarantees each student an internship lasting 320 hours minimum as a first step towards the world of work.


Aim of the Master's degree

The Master’s degree in Luxury and Fashion Management is a first-level master that is aimed at training excellence profiles in the management of luxury goods and fashion.
The study plan offers the students a complete preparation that is aimed at the in-depth understanding not only of the peculiarities of the luxury market, but also of the fashion system as a whole, with the possibility of integrating more specific theoretical and practical skills related to the Communication and Marketing fields.

Starting from the Couture business realities, from the best known brands to the emerging ones and without excluding the specificities of the industry of the sector with related products and services, the master focuses on different themes including, in particular, the Made in Italy, the dynamics of the brand oriented to management practices, internationalization, innovation, sustainability and digital for the social consumer.
The course explores in a synergic way, the creative and operational processes of business management, addressing above all those who want to enter the world of work with a specialized professional profile and to be able to face the reference markets, in highly competitive and changing scenarios.

The program is divided into multidisciplinary contents that, alternating with seminars, workshops, in-depth laboratories, case histories, company visits and direct experiences, aim to guarantee participants the enhancement of personal skills and sensitivity, together with the expansion of knowledge and characteristics that allow the learner to become a high profile professional, with specific languages ​​and methods of the luxury fashion channels operators that, moreover, are part of the teaching staff.

In line with the real needs of companies and markets, to which the Master in Luxury and Fashion Management refers, the training project involves companies in this field with the aim of providing, on the one hand, a basis consistent with the functional vision of current scenarios that characterize the spheres of luxury and fashion and, on the other, suitable for the definition of the structural aspects of the contexts and subsystems of companies in which the students will operate.
The opportunity to choose between two different majors according to personal attitudes and propensities, also allows the students to approach multiple job opportunities in companies, consulting firms, service agencies and in media entertainment environments, such as internet, advertising, specialized publishing, television and cinema.


Employment prospects

The world of work in luxury and fashion, today, requires a managerial figure capable of combining managerial skills and operational knowledge with a relevant attitude for creative content, such as to be able to interface both with all the professional figures with which the employee comes into contact and with the stakeholders of the reference environments.

In particular, a new managerial approach is favored that places great emphasis on brand image and identity, marketing, communication, digital strategies and social media - both for direct comparison with successful trends and business models and the development of a network of contacts that includes also the faculty professionals and for the acquisition of other skills, such as critical thinking, decision-making, logical-analytical skills, familiarity with the software of the sector, in particular those used for customer relationship management.

The employment prospects towards which our training offer is addressed concern various managerial business contexts, service agencies dedicated to events, public relations and advertising, the fields of business consulting, of research and development, of surveys on customer experience and strategic internationalization for complex corporate structures and innovative distribution models; moreover, forms of self-employment and self-entrepreneurship are included on the basis of the inclinations of the participants, of the professional skills that, like the others, are trained and oriented towards excellence and multiform interactions between the fashion system and market needs.


Access requirements

Candidates for the Master's degree, to be admitted to the selection test, must have a Bachelor’s degree (minimum requirement for admission to the master) or Master's Degree, obtained at a University of the Italian Republic or other equivalent higher education institute, or other equivalent qualification obtained at another University, including foreign ones, provided it is legally recognized in Italy. Candidates holding an academic degree obtained abroad must hold a declaration of value of the degree obtained abroad issued by the competent Italian diplomatic or consular representations in the country where they obtained the degree. The requirements must be possessed and proved on the expiration date of the University call, otherwise the candidate will not be admitted to the selection test.



Classroom lessons (400 hours):


UNIT 1 Fundamentals: 115 hours

• Corporate and International Finance
• Strategic Management
• Financial and Managerial Accounting
• Innovation and Operations
• ICTs for design and management
• Corporate Law and Contract Law
• Marketing
• Workshop on Leadership and public Speaking


UNIT 2 Sector Fundamentals: 115 hours

• Luxury Cultural Foundation and Fashion History
• Luxury Fashion Market and Consumer Behaviour
• Luxury Fashion Brands and Products
• Workshop: Luxury Fashion Testimonials


UNIT 3 Sector Fundamentals: 95 hours

• Marketing, Communication and Event Management
• Digital Strategies and Social Media Marketing
• E-Commerce Management


UNIT 4 Electives: 75 hours

Major in ‘Luxury and Fashion Management Brand and Product Offering Management on selected subjects’ (three of those on the list selected by the class group):

• Taxation and fiscal Planning
• Start-up and Business Development
• Styling and Visual Merchandising
• Clothings and Accessories
• Jewels and Watches
• Hôtellerie
• Food and Beverage
• Boats, Cars and Motorbikes

• Major in ‘Luxury and Fashion Marketing Communication on selected subjects’ (three of those on the list selected by the class group):

• Taxation and fiscal Planning
• Start-up and Business Development
• Styling and Visual Merchandising
• Clothings and Accessories
• Jewels and Watches
• Hôtellerie
• Food and Beverage
• Boats, Cars and Motorbikes


- Laboratories / Workshops / Seminars (160 hours)
Besides the lectures and the orientation module, there are hours dedicated to integrative activities of the study plan, characterized by the use of highly innovative tools and methodologies.

• Orientation module (40 hours)
• Coaching (20 hours)
• Project work
• Internship


The internships will have a duration of minimum 320 hours and a maximum of 800 hours, to be held in the time frame - agreed with the host company - between two and six months, in line with the activities of the training project that will be assigned to the trainee.


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