Link Campus University joins the European Security and Defence College

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The Executive Committee of the European Security and Defense College (ESDC), decided to accept the Link Campus University challenge to join the Executive Academic Council (EAB) configuration of the European Defense College (ESDC).

The decision came through an official letter sent on May 18th from the Link Campus University President, Prof. Vincenzo Scotti, and signed by the Chief of the Academy for Security and Defense, Mr. Dirk Dubois, following the presentation of General Massimiliano Del Casale, Link Campus Professor and former President of CASD (Italian Centre for High Defence Studies).

“A recognition, according to President Scotti, of the level of quality of the Academic activity, with highly specialized courses, research, and analysis in the Defence field our University has reached. We commit ourselves to strengthen and improving the military and civil personnel's quality, the comprehension and the spread of the Common Security and Defence Policy” President Scotti has declared.

The European Security and Defense College (ESDC) is a body of the European Union, integrated into the Union's External Action Service, established in 2005 with the aim of providing strategic-level education within the European Security and Defence, now Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP).

In-depth analysis and experimentation phases followed. The creation of the ESDC provides the common security and defense policy with a training and education tool that actively promotes a European security culture through a network of institutes and with specific training and research activities.

What is the ESDC?
Before the foundation of the ESDC in 2005, there was no single entity within the EU dedicated to training and education at the European level or dedicated to developing a common European safety culture. With this scope was the ESDC officially established, with the aim of providing strategic-level education on the CSDP and providing knowledgeable staff, both within the European institutions and in the EU Member States. Currently, the ESDC extends its action also beyond European borders, with the aim of further promoting EU values ​​and sharing best practices in security and defense matters.

The Mission
The ESDC, in the context of the common foreign and security policy (CFSP), provides training and education at the European level, in the field of the Union's Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP). It aims at developing and promoting a common understanding of the CSDP between civilian and military personnel and to identify and disseminate, through its training activities, good practices in relation to various CSDP issues. In doing so, the ESDC complements national efforts in the field of training and education.

ESDC includes a network of national institutes, colleges, academies and institutions across the EU specializing in security and defense policy issues.