Link Campus cultural partner of Rome Web Fest


From the 28th to the 30th of November at the “Casa del Cinema”

Link Campus University is a cultural partner of the International Web Series Festival - Rome Web Fest, which will be held from the 28th to the 30th of November 2018 at the “Casa del Cinema” of Villa Borghese in Rome.

Rome Web Fest is the first Italian festival dedicated to web series, fashion films and independent web products (the third one in the world after those of Los Angeles and Marseille), promoted by the MiBACT of “Regione Lazio”, the Rome and Lazio FILM Commission, SIAE and many realities of Italian cinema.

Giada Marinensi, excellent professor of "Digital Entertainment" and "Serious Games and Gamification", will speak on the 30th of November, at 10 am, in the Gaming and Virtual Reality panel in the DELUXE Room.

The researcher Antonio Opromolla, on the other hand, will speak in the Digital Communication Panel on the 29th of November at 2 pm in the Volontè Room.



 Over time, the user becomes increasingly demanding and begins to research new ways that can amplify the entertainment experience. We must therefore come up with new strategies and sophisticated technologies to satisfy this desire for renewal.

Among these we find the Virtual Reality products, a technology that slowly begins to spread on the market, gaining the trust of the public.

In cinemas, we are already used to the so-called "3D glasses" that improve the consumer's fruitive experience, but they can be more or less sophisticated and are increasingly compatible with all models of smartphones.

3D glasses are less expensive than PC viewers, such as the “HTC Vive” which improves online gaming activity. Halfway there is the Sony PlayStation VR at an affordable price and without too many complications in the operation.

Virtual Reality is increasingly gaining market share, it has become a fascinating technology for those who feel the need to escape from everyday reality.

Moderator: Eleonora De Nardis, Sociologist, professional journalist and writer.


Giovanni Caturano, CEO of SpinVector

Marco Pizzoni, CEO of Join4B and IMRA vice president

Davide Tromba, producer and director

Giada Marinensi, Link Campus University researcher