Information on how to apply to Link Campus University as an Erasmus and Extra Erasmus student.

An Erasmus student is a student who comes to the Link Campus University to study with us during one semester or a whole academic year within a bilateral agreement between University of his/her home university and Link Campus University.

These kind of bilateral agreements are signed with universities in:

- Erasmus students;

- EU member states  and EU affiliated;

- Extra Erasmus students;

- not EU member states countries.

In order to be an Erasmus at the Link Campus University, the person in charge of the International Relations at the home university has to send a nomination of the students selected to take part in the Erasmus exchange programme to the Erasmus coordinator of the corresponding faculty / school at the Link Campus University.

This section contains detailed information for students based at other European Institutions who wish to participate in the Erasmus Programme at the LinkCampusUniversity.


Please read this information carefully!

- Students are accepted according to the rules decided by E.U. for the Erasmus programme and/or in the basis or the bilateral agreement with LCU

- Students can complete the Erasmus Application Form  that you find on line on the Link Campus University website only if

- There is a valid Erasmus bilateral agreement or bilateral agreement (Extra Erasmus) between their home Institutions and Link Campus University for a.y. 2017/2018, including the area of study indicated in the application Form

- They have already been officially nominated by their home Institution to spend their Erasmus period at the Link Campus University

- If the number of students applying for a place exceeds the number of places available in the signed Erasmus Bilateral Agreement, applications will be processed and accepted according to their chronological order of online confirmation and of receipt by Link Campus University’s Erasmus Office of all necessary endorsed documents by surface mail (please note that the date of the postmark won’t be considered).

Students in excess will be informed by e-mail and invited to contact their home university in order to solve the problem.

Checklist of what to do:

1. Fill in the form completely and carefully

2. Important: when you enter names and addresses , please use the English or Italian alphabet and do not use special characters.

If names or addresses contain special characters, please use the following characters in place of them:

Use “a” instead of “°á,â,ã,ä,å,ă,ą”

Use “e” instead of “è,é,ê,ë,ę,ě

Use “i” instead of “ì,í,î,ï,ĩ,ī,ĭ”

Use “o” instead of “ò,ó,ô,õ,ō,ŏ,ő,ǿ”

Use “u” instead of “ù,ú,û,ũ,ū,ŭ,ů”

Use “c” instead of “ç,ĉ,ċ,č”

Use “n” instead of “ñ,ň,ń”

Use “l” instead of “ł” Use “oe”instead of “ö”

Use “ue” instead of “ü”

3. Important: On the application form you have to indicate all first and family names printed in your identity documents

4. If in the list included in the Application form, you don’t find the name of your place of birth, you have to send by surface mail, attached to the complete Application (according to the instructions contained in this document), document(passport or identity card).

5. Remember to check the correctness of the e-mail address you indicate in your Application Form, since all official communications will be sent to you by e-mail.

6. Sign the printed Application form

7. Contact the International Office of your University

8. Ask the Erasmus Office of your University to complete, stamp and sign the section of the Application Form dedicated to “Sending Institution”.

9. Send the complete Application Form by surface mail (fax and e-mail are NOT accepted)

(please note that the date of the postmark won’t be considered) to  

Erasmus Office

Link Campus University

Via del Casale di San Pio V, 44 Italy, 00165

Download application Form

View the learning agreement 


The complete Application Form sent by surface mail, has to be received by the above mentioned Office within 30 days from the date of the online confirmation of your Application Form.

Important: The Application Form procedure is complete only after the Link Campus University

– Erasmus Mobility Office receives your Application by surface mail (fax and e-mail are NOT accepted) completed and duly signed in all sections within 30 days from the online procedure (Please note that the date of the postmark won’t be considered). In this case you will receive a confirmation message from Erasmus Mobility Office of Link Campus University.

If the complete application form is not submitted by surface mail to the Erasmus office of Link Campus University in due time (within 30 days from the online confirmation date), all data concerning the application will be deleted from the database and the reserved place will be available for other students. You will be informed by e-mail.

Information and Dates:

Erasmus incoming for next academic year For first semester or full academic year:

  • 1st of ______to 15th _______: Online application and study plan proposal
  • From _________ on: Sending of acceptance e-mails

For second semester:

  • From 1st to 31st __________: Online application and study plan proposal
  • From ___________ on: Sending of acceptance e-mails

  Important: The final approval of courses is subject to the availability of places at the courses once you register and enrol at the LinkCampusUniversity at the beginning of the semester.