The Foundation Course is a foundation (bridging) study programme focusing on two areas of possible entry into undergraduate study ARTS AND HUMANITIES (FAH) and ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS (FEB), taught in English and delivered for candidates who do not possess the minimum schooling/education requirements outlined in current legislation for enrolment in official Italian universities.


Admission requirements

The Foundation Course is aimed at candidates who:

  • possess a secondary school leaving qualification obtained outside Italy after 10 or 11 years of schooling;
  • possess an American high school qualification or similar which does not include any Advanced Placements (APs) required for enrolment according to current legislation.

Candidates may also apply for the Foundation Course in order to support their academic career by choosing single MODULES within the module list offered by the Foundation Course.

Successful completion of the course will allow participants to enrol automatically as full time registered students at the Link Campus University, the International University in Rome in Italian Government recognised academic courses.

Attendance of the Foundation Course will be monitored and are compulsory. Students must accumulate all the credits provided by the course by successfully completing all the assessments in order to obtain the final qualification.
Assessment is comprised of written/oral/practical sessions and are held at the end of each module.
The Foundation courses are organised once a year for an academic year period.
The modules available within the Foundation Course are taught in English (in parallel a course in FOUNDATION ENGLISH will be organised for all participants whose level of the language is below that of B2 level - the cost of this course is 1000 euros).


Students can choose one of the following two areas ARTS AND HUMANITIES (FAH) and ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS (FEB).

Students will complete one of the above areas plus the ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE COURSE