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The Master Degree’s Course in Business Management trains young graduates for high-profile positions by public economic organizations and private and no-profit associations, with supporting tasks vis-à-vis the leading and/or functional teams (in the fields of administration and finance, planning and control, strategic marketing, supply chain management and business innovation).

The Course allows students to gain expertise on planning techniques and methodologies, implementation and management applied to: leading management (e.g.: strategic framework and global scenarios); a wide range of business activities (e.g.: finance, administration, management, management control, marketing and business innovation).

In this line, the Master Degree’s Course in Business Management is structured into different curricula so that students can easily identify the specific orientation that better reflects their aptitudes and professional ambitions. Furthermore, the Course offers precious opportunities of international exchanges in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme and Bilateral Agreements, while promoting experiences of training/stage by enterprises, similarly regarded as relevant educational chances to test the acquired knowledge and competence directly on the ground.

Students may opt for the most suitable academic path amongst the following curricula:


Curriculum in Financial management


The Course aims at training professionals in the fields of finance and international tax policies, capable to deal with business financial management - foreseeing and assessing financial requirements and growth strategies - as well as to handle the tax-related component of entrepreneurial activities in the context of geographically-diverse scenarios and countries.

Students get the chance to attend innovative lectures, peculiar in their approaches, unique in their contents (Behavioural Finance, Tax and Financial Planning and Transfer Pricing) and deeply inspired by lessons learned drawn from prestigious international universities.
The close interrelation between Degree’s Courses and the activities carried out by Link Campus Research Centres in the fields of Economics and Management (DISEC e CERMES) favors students’ close touch with ground and applied research dimensions. Lecturing and research thus become a harmonized point of reference to successfully face complex challenges of the contemporary work scenarios.

Moreover, Link Campus University has entered into an agreement with the Rome-based Association of Business Consultants and Expert Accountants to enable students to carry out an internship by the Association as part of the curriculum and to be exempted from the written test in the frame of the State Examination (legal requirement to access the professional Association of Business Consultants and Expert Accountants).

Graduates in Financial Management are suitable to work as entrepreneurs, consultants, professional staff and managers and to appropriately identify and solve financial issues throughout the stages of businesses launching and development. Particular attention is paid to connection-building with bank and financial agents as well as to the handling of tax-related aspects from a national and international point of view.

Experts in this sector can likewise work for the identification of tools, funds and investors by financial segments of enterprises and institutions, for intermediation and tax management by tax consultancy offices.


Professional opportunities:

  • Financial segment of small and medium enterprises in whatsoever specialization field;
  • Public administration;
  • Financial intermediation (Banks, SGR, Funds);
  • Bodies in charge of overseeing the banking and financial systems at national (Banca d’Italia,
    Consob, Ivass) and international (BCE, European Supervisory Authorities) levels;
  • Financial management;
  • Consultancy companies.

The adopted lecturing methodology draws inspiration from the consolidated experience of the teaching staff, specialized in finance, banking and tax law, rewardingly combining a traditional lecturing approach with a sharp practical orientation by the means of project works, business games and business simulations, carried out with the participation of experts with an international reputation.

The teaching methodology, jointly with lab activities (Trading Lab, Media Marketing, Start-up Lab), is grounded on students’ active involvement as well as on a unique and stimulating cooperative learning experience, so that students are in close daily contact with their lecturers. Course rooms, meant to host a maximum number of 25 students, enable a direct relationship and interaction with teachers. It is also worth mentioning those training activities conducted by the related laboratories that focus on the crucial area of Financial Management and aim at further developing the acquired theoretical knowledge.



Trading Lab

The lab provides students with tools and methodologies to be able to operate on financial markets, by training them in the utilization of specific trading-focused negotiation platforms.

Lab on Start-up

The lab enables students to work on planning start-up initiatives, while taking care of all different components, related to tax policies, the legal framework, the financial sector, the organizational-productive chain, commercial activities and the logistical and supply-related segments.

Lab on enterprises’ digitalization

The lab was devised to provide students with useful operational tools to mainstream digital technologies into all different business functions and organizational segments, including into the relations with third subjects (such as suppliers, customers, knowledge sources, technology providers et cetera).


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