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The Link Campus University’s Technologies and Codes of Communication Master of Arts Program shapes professional leaders. The leaders are prepared through a multidisciplinary education, which strongly aims to the acquirement of specific skills:
- Be able to comprehend the paradigms and languages applied to the field of communications’ technologies;
- Understanding concepts and operative mode.
- Creating and ideating multimedia contents, interactive products and services, through the study of new shapes of interaction between men and computers.
- User Experience’s (UX) projecting, meaning the complex experience developed during every time an interactive product is used.
- Market’s and digital economics’ trends analysis
- Development of Visual Communications’ products and services
- Project Management aims to the development of innovative services and products and start-ups

All courses are taught in English.




Interaction Design


The LCU’s students enrolled in the Digital Technologies Master of Arts Program have many professional outlooks:

  • Managing experts of communication and marketing’s digital channels;
  • Interaction Designer. A professional figure who will be an expert in the mode’s definition and analysis through which a user interacts with a product or a service.
  • User Experience Designer: expert of projecting and evaluating the experience of using a product or service;
  • Designer Art Director, expert of ideating and managing visual communication campaigns ;
  • Graphic Designer: expert in realizing communication’s support and graphic solutions destined to multimedia platforms;
  • Web & Mobile Design: expert in creating web, mobile and ubique platforms.

Study Plan of the Course

Participatory processes for social innovation, 9 CFU
Sociology of Languages, 6 CFU
Methodology & Techniques of Social Research, 6 CFU
Team Building & Project Management, 6 CFU
Digital Marketing, 6 CFU
Interaction Design I, 6 CFU
Art Direction, 6 CFU
Serious Games & Gamification Strategies, 6 CFU
Programming I: Web & Mobile, 6 CFU
Distributions: Theory & Applications, 6 CFU

English Language for Multimedia Communications, 6 CFU
Computer Graphics, Modeling & 3D Printing, 6 CFU
Elective Module, 6 CFU
Stage, 5 CFU
Game Design, 9 CFU
Skills, CFU 4
Elective Module, 6 CFU
Final Dissertation, 15 CFU

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Game development, marketing and communication

Study Plan of the Course


Participatory processes for social innovation
LAB: Game Publishing

Sociology of Languages
LAB: Advanced Sound Design

Methodology & Techniques of Social Research
LAB: Management Techniques in the Video Games Industry

Team Building & Project Management
LAB: Product Management methodology and techniques

Digital Marketing
LAB: Game Marketing Strategies

Interaction Design I
LAB: Game Design I

Art Direction
LAB: Art Direction

Programming I: Web & Mobile
LAB: Game Development I

Distributions: Theory & Applications
LAB: Distribution theory and technique


Computer graphic, modelling e 3D printing LAB
LAB: Game Development II

Interaction Design II + Design Interface LAB
LAB: Game Design II

Game Critics (6 CFU)
eSports Management (6 CFU)
International Event Management (6 CFU)