Cyber security: Link Campus University wins the European call


Link Campus University won the H2020 European call for the establishment of a European network of competence centers for cyber security.

The project, called ECHO, provides for the development over a 4-year period of a federated network of cyber competence centers connected to a Hub center. This one assumes the role of focal point for all operations of management and assessment of cybersecurity skills and technologies applied on different sectors (Transport, Energy, Health, Space, Defense, etc.) and interdependent. The ECHO project will also provide the definition of cyber-skills for cyber security education and training programs, including the definition of training courses and transversal and intersectoral qualifications necessary for cyber professionals.

In the ECHO consortium, led by the Royal Military Academy of Belgium with the technical coordination of Rhea Group, we can find Link Campus University as the only Italian university and the participation of several European universities, SMEs and large companies including Acea, Fincantieri, Naval Group and Vitrociset.

Link Campus will use its cyber laboratory to allow the emulation of complex IT environments and to carry out attacks and defenses with the registration and the ex post evaluation of the results (Cyber ​​Range), as well as to provide advanced courses and modules to be integrated into the already active Masters or newly activated.

The ECHO project is part of the numerous Link Campus initiatives in the field of international intelligence and security, among which we can highlight those funded by the European Commission and NATO Science for Peace and Security concerning the protection of critical infrastructures and counter-terrorism stand out.

The choice of Link Campus, which is a member of the boards of EOS (European security organization) and ECSO (European organization for cyber security), to strongly focus on Europe and NATO is part of the University's strategy to strengthen and expand the international collaboration with the major global security players, understood in the broadest sense of the word.