History, politics, international relations and civilisations must consider the different disciplines of geography, law, sociology, economics, technology and, today, climate change. Our natural environment has been drastically changed by excess consumption, and we either adapt, cooperate or fail.

Hence, the common factor that unifies the international Compass of East and West, North and South, is that common issues of technology including the use and misuse of social media, climate change, quality of life and human mobility are affecting us all at internet speed. Change appears to be the the only constant.

This school is aimed at looking at global issues from a North-South and East-West perspective which aims at bridging opinion and re-aligning divides. Attendees must expect to be full participants in this process with their knowledge, cultural and personal backgrounds and the will to discover new areas of meaning in their academic and professional present and future.


Master courses of the School

The School is made up of Master courses that combine theoretical lectures and discussions in the morning sessions of the cutting edge developments in a particular field with debates in the afternoon through the use of short student presentations and small group work. The objective of the school is to foster an understanding of how theories and practice are part of the real world of thinking and that there is no dichotomy of reality and fantasy in global issues.

Participants will be engaged on the individual basis and on a team approach with other international attendees.

Morning sessions will be devoted to plenary information and discussion themes. Afternoons are devoted to planning, research and formulation of ideas for proper debate. A moot court atmosphere will be adopted for specific afternoon sessions.
An extra day will be devoted to a visit to an international institution in Rome and to a visit to an Italian ministry.

A cultural programme bringing in the sights and sounds of Rome will be added to this programme.

Participants also have the possibility of visiting another Italian city with the group for a cultural excursion.



Students will be accommodated at The Church Village Hotel, located at a walking distance from Link Campus and the main local attractions.

The school’s main entrance is in Via del Casale di San Pio V, 44.
All participants will be provided with breakfast at the hotel and lunch offered at the University’s Art Café Bar.


Who can apply

  • Students over 18 years old, professionally interested in the subjects of the course;
  • Fluent or near-fluent English language speakers, as all classes are taught in English.


How to apply

Applying for the Course is simple. Complete and submit a PDF application form together with your CV and passport to
For further information, please contact our team on or call +39 06.94800190 and they will be able to assist you.

Fee: EUR 1,700


The fee includes: tuition, guided visits, airport shuttle services, access to the library and Internet access, scheduled cultural excursions, accommodation (in double rooms), Certificate of Completion.


The fee does not include: travel costs, additional meals, local transportation and other costs not listed above.


Payment for the course is made in two instalments: a deposit payment of EUR 500 is required three days from the date of enrolment and the outstanding sum is required by the commencement date.

Participant capacity is limited. Secure your place now!