Sa-ar Gezala Mokhammadzay

My name is Sa-ar Mokhammadzay and I am from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

In 2015, I received several letters of admissions from French, German, Dutch and English universities, but I preferred Link Campus University in Italy. This is how my relationships with Italy began.

Before I graduated from the university, I did three moths internship at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Jordan (UNHCR). I wrote my Master's thesis in Diplomatic Studies and Strategic Sciences based on facts from the Organization and defended it with grade 110/110. Later, after I returned back to my home-country Kazakhstan, I worked in the agency under the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan thanks to my Italian degree.

However, now I would like to talk more about the university and life in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Rome.

Regarding the teaching staff, I would like to point out that many professors are high officials. Therefore, the President of the University is Vincenzo Scotti, a politician who was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of the interior, etc. Franco Frattini - statesman, Deputy Chairman of the European Commission, Euro Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security, and etc. Professor Elisabetta Trenta - politician and Minister of Defense since June 2018. And I can continue until I name all Professors at the university.

As for Rome, I can talk endlessly about this Eternal city: fresh pastries, aromatic coffee, the best gelato, pizza, pasta, fresh seafood, picturesque parks in villas ... this is a city where literally each and every stone breathes history and borders with the present.

One thing I know for sure - dreams come true, the most important is to believe!

Sa-ar Mokhammadzay