Inter-university cooperation is growing: agreement signed between Link Campus University and Belgrade University

An important cooperation agreement between Link Campus University and the University of Belgrade was signed on September 13th.
The agreement, signed by the President of Link Campus Vincenzo Scotti and Rector Vladimir Bumbasirevic at the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade, in the presence of the Italian Ambassador Carlo Lo Cascio, represents the framework within which future interuniversity collaborations between the two universities will be conducted. The President Vincenzo Scotti and the Rector of Link Campus Claudio Roveda then went into detail on the modalities and issues in which the cooperation agreement could be translated. Ambassador Lo Cascio underlined the importance of the agreement that contributes to enrich the promising area of ‚Äč‚Äčscientific-technological collaboration between Italy and Serbia.

Speaking with journalists, Scotti said that there are three areas of common interest for which a development of collaboration between the two universities is foreseen: defense and security, with particular regard to cybersecurity; strategic-diplomatic studies and security engineering. “We are a small university with specific and concrete projects and specializations in certain fields. We are interested in the Balkans area, very important from a strategic point of view”, said Scotti, noting that he was in Belgrade last time in 1992, when he was Minister for Foreign Affairs.
With Scotti and Roveda, the Italian delegation also included Carmine America, international advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Development, Luigi Di Maio. “It was a very successful day for Italian-Serbian collaboration in science and technology,” he said. Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio, he added, will announce further programs in the future to strengthen this collaboration.