The University’s governance is assured by the Boards of the University, the Link Campus University Foundation and the Global Education Management S.p.A. The Boards of the University define and oversee the broad development of the University (for the academics and the research), its organization, function, control and  promotion.

Link Campus University Foundation’s mission is to promote research, studies and training activities. The main goals is  the development and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of Economics, International and Political Relations, Business Organization, Communication, Legal matters and all other disciplines of socio-economic, artistic, cultural, environmental and health related bases.

The members of the Academic Senate of the Link Campus University are:

  • Rector, Carlo Alberto Giusti;
  • Pro-rector, Antonio Giovannoni;
  • President for Undergraduate and Graduate Activities Carlo Alberto Giusti ad interim;
  • President for Postgraduat Activities  Roberto Russo;
  • Director of the Research Department Paola Giannetakis.