The Economics Bachelor of Arts’ Taxation and International Finance Curriculum enables students to face all issues within the world of entrepreneur’s finance. It, also, enables the students to work in an international context and to manage taxation on an international scale.



Study Plan of the Course

Subject Credits
1st Year
Business Economics 9
Balance and Quantitative Methods 9
Political Economics 9
Private Law’s Institutions 9
Management Mathematics 6
Business Organization 6
Management Informatics 6
Business English 6
Development of Managerial Skills 3
2nd Year
Business Management 9
Organization of Economical Processes 6
International Economics 9
Financial Business 9
Statistics and Financial Mathematics 10
International tax Law 6
Commercial Law 9
Public Speaking 3
3rd  Year
Business Strategy 9
Planning and Control 9
Startup and Business Modeles 6
Economics of Financial Intermediaries 6
Electives 18
Internship 3
Final Report 5
Total Credits 180


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