The President of the Link Campus University’s postgraduate education courses is Professor Vincenzo Scotti. ?????????????????????????????????????????

The Link Campus University offers, to all graduate students, the possibility of pursuing a postgraduate education. The programs offered by the University are based on scientific subjects, interdisciplinary and multicultural peculiarities that are the strength of the institute.

There are two common factors among all the master courses. First is the mastery of both languages, Italian and English. And second is the Career Development module which is essential in order for the students to successfully enter into the business world.

For all our master programs that are held in a bilingual format, a courtesy translation will be available.

To pursue a Master Course all students shall complete a total of  60 credits.

The Post-Graduate Courses are:

Master in Business Administration (MBA)


Monday, Wednesday: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

Tuesday. Thursday: 2.00 pm- 5.00 pm