The producer’s program’s goal is to shape a professional figure  who will be able to plan and create cultural projects (Theatre, cinema and audiovisual).

The student who graduates from the Link Campus University’s enters the production world with the skills needed to plan and realize multimedia events and live shows. The professional figure, in addition, will plan and manage all the steps to a successful product in all of the entertainment fields. Also, he/she will be able to manage technical and administrative skills, as well of communication and marketing tools. These elements will allow the graduate to produce visual-arts, theater, cinema, and audiovisual events. Moreover, he/she will contribute to the research and the writing of the contents and to the realization of creative projects. The producer figure, furthermore, plans and shapes every step of the production process.

The faculty is made by high professional profiles such as: Aldo Allegrini, Tommaso Mattei and Valentina Re.


Study Plan of the Course

Subjects Credits
First year
Techniques of Language and Creative Writing 12
Sociology of Communication 6
History of communication and media 6
Theories  and techniques of language 12
Sound Design 9
Info-tainment The Art and Digital storytelling 9
Performing arts and multimedia 6
Second Year
English Literature 9
Anthropology of communication 6
Digital Entertainment 12
Public Speaking 9
Art & Info-tainment and II  Trans-media storytelling 7
Theory and Techniques of New Media I 10
Economics and Management of Cultural digital  Enterprises 6
Third Year
Acting 12
Planning and management of live events 6
Communication and Marketing of cultural events 7
Organizational models and management of cultural events 6
Electives 12
Language Skills 6
Skills 3
Internships 4
Final Exam 5
Total per Class 180

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