The filmMaker figure is much more than an author or a director. In fact, in the entertainment environment, he/she is not only in charged of creating and realizing artistic projects, but he/she produces contents for  theaters, cinema, television, commercial and multimedia fields.

The movie maker takes part in many projects. This figure, in fact, operates in the entire productive field of creation and realization of musical, theatrical and cinematographic educational-cultural projects.

The Link Campus University’s Performing Arts Major Program shapes professional figures able to use the writing, production, post-production and the shooting techniques thanks to the lectures ,the labs and the internships that were tailored to shape high level profiles.



Study Plan of the Course

Subjects Credits
First year
Techniques of Language and Creative Writing 12
Sociology of Communication 6
History of communication and media 6
Theories  and techniques of language 12
Sound Design 9
Info-tainment The Art and Digital storytelling 9
Performing arts and multimedia 6
Second Year
English Literature 9
Anthropology of communication 6
Digital Entertainment 12
Public Speaking 9
Art & Info-tainment and II  Trans-media storytelling 7
Theory and Techniques of New Media I 10
Economics and Management of Cultural digital  Enterprises 6
Third Year
Acting 12
Post Production Video 6
Acting in front of the camera 7
Theory and Technique of Shooting 6
Electives 12
Language Skills 6
Skills 3
Internships 4
Final Exam 5
Total per Class 180

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