The Link Campus University’s students have at their disposal an audio vision Laboratory and a Web Radio.



Radio LCU

Was founded by Edoardo, a student:

“LCU’s Radio is the Link’s students radio. It was created so all students could have an experience, share their idea and have a confrontation between all personalities.

“We are no experts, we’re only a group of students of different majors such as Economics, Law, political Science. We put a lot of efforts to lighten your day.”



Link TV

Link TV is the University’s audio visual lab founded  to allow students to face themselves with the job world , and  to better understand all the new  means of communication and the new media.

Through Link TV, the students have the possibility to cooperate with a team of professionals and participate actively to the phases of creating an audio visual product: from the stage of writing to the production and post production processes. It makes an in depth analysis of all the different communicative, economical and legislative aspects that belong to every television production.

All of the videos realized in the audio visual laboratory are visible on  Link tv’s website and on the LCU Youtube’s Channel