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The Link Campus University is a private University in Rome which stands under the Italian University’s Regulation. Its imprint is international due to its history and its calling.

Founded in Rome in 1999 as a subsidiary of the University of Malta in Italy, in 2011 the University was recognized by the Italian regulation decree of the Minister of Education – University and Research no. 374 of the 21st September 2011.


Link Campus University combines the  English system’s  educational strategies with the Italian’s culture and didactical method.  Most of the degree courses are taught in English, with the exception of some that are held in italian.


Also, the Link Campus University has an extended network with international Universities and companies.


Here are the peculiarities of every Link Campus University’s course of study:


  • A maximun of 25 students per class is mandatory to facilitate a close relationship between the student and the professor.
  • Non-Stop  assistance from  tutors.
  • Mentoring Program (An expert from the field who will give guidance to the students that are close to completing  their degree.)
  • A large library
  • A comparative and interdisciplinary study method
  • Not only ex cathedra, but interactive teaching
  • Regular lessons enriched by case studies, seminars and meetings with testimonials from the various professional fields, institutions and businesses.
  • A full calendar of events  to which are invited international regarded guests from all fields of relevance such as Economics, Law, Politics and Communications.
  • An extended network of Italian and foreign  partner companies.

The Link Campus University’s  main goal is to prepare a leading class that can operate in different systems and countries by giving young people the opportunity to succeed in the ever changing global market.