The Sport’s Economics and Policy Bachelor of Arts Program aims to combine the fundamental concepts of economics with the basic skills needed to be competent in the world of Sports.

The primary subjects, in fact, are relative to the sport’s business in order to narrow the program and tailor it to the sports’ environment.  Also, it is finalized to a better understanding of all the sports business’ elements. For example, it explores a sports business’ organization and governance. It allows the students to learn  about sports’ communication and to study about sports psychology. Those, in fact, are two fundamental elements to manage an athlete or a sports team.

The well understanding of sports psychology, finally, can determine the difference between becoming a manager who is capable, or one who is empathetic with the surrounding environment .



The Course aims to:

  • Achieving the knowledge of the sector’s political and economical dynamics.
  • The acquirement of basic skills needed in sports management business field.
  • The acquirement of a strategic point of view used in the sports management business field.
  • The detailed study of sports’ international and national system.
  • Achieve the acquaintances required to better comprehend the sports’ market sponsorship and of the radio/television sphere

Professional Outlooks:

The Bachelor of Arts program strives to have the students become professional figures in the fields of sports management law, national and international sports organizations, financial and economical management .


The professional figures are:

  • Executives within a national and international organization
  • Figures and consultants within sports public institutions
  • Sports associations and organizations’ managers
  • Sports events managers and organizers
  • Managers of private and public entities
  • Professional athletes’ agent.


Study Plan of the Course

Subject Credits
1st Year
Business Economics 9
Balance and Quantitative Methods 9
Political Economics 9
Private Law’s Institutions 9
Management Mathematics 6
Business Organization 6
Management Informatics 6
Business English 6
Development of Managerial Skills 3
2nd Year
Accounting 9
Business Management 9
Organization of Economical Processes 6
International Economics 9
Financial Business 9
Statistics and Financial Mathematics 10
Commercial Law 9
Public Speaking 3
3rd Year
Business Strategy 9
Sports Psycholgy and Management of the Athlete 6
Sports Job Law 6
Tax law – Taxation of sport organizations 6
Communication of sport 6
Electives 18
Internship 3
Final Report 5
Total Credits 180


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