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Requirements: Master  of Arts
Duration: One year
Starting Date: March 2015
Schedule: every other weekend and some full-time weeks
Language: Italian and English

Traditionally, the development cooperation, the foundation of all countries’ bilateral and multimedia relationships, seeks more effort from the different actors: foundations, Onlus (non lucrative organizations), local business and administrations. According to the OECD’s (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) estimated data, during the last 10 years, the only support that was given buy ODA was of  10000 milliard dollars. Since the development and Cooperation’s is always in continuous evolution, it gives the opportunity for various professional prospective to open. Since this field has a very dynamic environment, it creates a strong competition within the job market. In fact, the Master program is focused on “hands on” projects and critical skills in order to be constantly updated and have a facilitated access into the informative network. The final goal is to train professionals figures who will be capable of handling strategies, programs and development projects within the international organization, international ONGs, and other organizations.  

Study program

Thematic Area 1 FOUNDATIONS- Theories, factors and development policies 1-      International Development Cooperation’s Conceptual Foundation 2-      Economic Growth and Development’s Theories 3-      Endogenous Growth and Local Development 4-      Ethical Principles, Coherence, Standards and Operational Principals in Development Cooperation   Thematic Area 2 ISSUES- International Policies for Development and the Cooperation Agenda 1-      Emergency, Development and Complex Issues: Relief’s Coordination and Integration, Early recovery, recovery, Peace Building and Risk Reduction 2-      The Role of the United Nations and Other International Organizations, Bilateral National Development Agencies and NGOs’ 3-      The European Union Cooperation and Development Policies 4-      Development and the Law’s Rule. Transparencies and the Fight Against Corruption 5-      Immigration, Refugees and Internally Displaced People 6-      Human Right, gender Issues and Cultural Awareness 7-      Business and Local Economic Development. Italy’s Internationalization Policies and Instruments 8-      The Role of the Banking System, Cooperation and Microcredit 9-      Democratization, Representation and Civil Society.   Thematic Area 3 TOOLS- Planning, Design and Management of Development Projects 1-      Policy Analysis and Formulation: understanding the context and process. 2-      Regulatory Impact Analysis 2- Communication and Advocacy; Participatory Governance and Accountability. 3-      Good Governance, Institution Building and Administrative Decentralization 4-      Conflict Management and Negotiation Techniques 5-      Program/project Design, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (Project Cycle Management) 6-      Fund Raising Techniques and International Donors Policies 7-      HEAT- Hostile Environment Awareness Training- short Course  and Access and Operations in High Risk Environments 8-      Career Development

Scientific committee

Chairman: Hon. Vincenzo Scotti – President of Link Campus Univerity Formerly Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Home Affairs, Minister for Co-ordination of Civil Emergency Management, Minister of Labour and Welfare, Minister of Cultural Affairs Director: Stefano Donati Vanna Fadini –  in the capacity of  President of SudgestAid and President of GEM Nabil Ayad – Director, London Academy of Diplomacy, University of East Anglia Thea Chiesa – Director for Aviation, Travel and Turism World Economic Forum Agostino Conte – Chairperson, Energy Committee of Confindustria Raimondo De Cardona – Italian Ambassador to Tunisia Gianni De Michelis – Chairperson of IPALMO, formerly Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlo Flamment – Chairperson FormezPA Jospeh Mifsud –  London Academy of Diplomacy, University of East Anglia Francesco Pastore – Link Campus Lecturer in Ethics and Economics Paolo Prosperini – Senior manager department for EU policies and economic development, Pisa province Giovanni Tria – Chairperson of the Italian National School of Public Administration, tenured Professor of Economics Maurizio Zandri – Executive Director SudgestAid

Internships/Project work

The internship will be completed in Italy and/or abroad and can be hosted by agencies, organizations and companies that will collaborate with the participants to develop a project work. The internship can involve working hours and applied research.


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