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Requirments: MA degree
Tipology: Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Duration: 14 months
Starting: March 2015
Language: English

Management is what differentiates winners and losers in today’s fast-paced world of global competition. The Link Campus Postgraduate School MBA Program reviews internal barriers to business expansion, and creates ways to help entrepreneurs to build  successful businesses. How a company plans and manages its business and human resources plays a significant role in determining whether that business will succeed or fail.  This is particularly true of small or medium sized enterprises (SME). While studies confirm that external challenges may require internal changes, that must be supported by a strong and focused strategy. Link Campus University Postgraduate School has acquired an international reputation in forming leaders through innovation and excellence.

Study Program

UNIT 0- TRANSITION UNIT This unit’s goals is to verify if students meet all the basic requirements and skills in order to proceed onto more advanced and specialized courses.  This unit, furthermore, allows students, who took time off from school, to reenter gradually into the school routine and slowly get used to it. Therefore, those students will be able to organize their time and responsibilities. This transition unit must be successfully completed to move forward to the regular units. The UNIT  has the following modules:

  • Introduction to quantitative methods
  • Introduction to accounting and standard definitions
  • Introduction to economics
  • Introduction to legal affairs
  • Introduction to business technology

  UNIT1- STRATEGY FOR COMPETITIVENESS The students’ challenge is to use innovation, technology, quality and human resources  as approach to promote excellence.   The UNIT has the following modules:

  • Social and Economic Environment
  • General Management
  • Corporate Strategy, Innovation, Technology
  • Quality as competing tools

  UNIT 2- CORPORATE FUNCTIONS, PROCESSES AND DYNAMICS This stage provides a thorough insight into the main functional areas and processes of any business operating in a domestic and international context. Its strength is the study of business’ fundamentals such as, operation management, marketing, organizational behavior, finance and technology. The Unit has the following modules:

  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • SCM
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Planning Control

  UNIT 3- VALUES DRIVEN MANAGER Graduates will develop a high sense of responsibility and a keen responsabiliy and a keen understanding of how managers are accountable for their companies, communities and stakeholders. The Unit has the following modules:

  • Organizational behavior and HR management
  • Communication and Negotiation
  • Decision Making and crisis management
  • Legal affairs and international contracting

  UNIT 4- SPECIALIZATION AND PROJECT WORK The Master’s Program is structured with three specialization area: Family Business. The students acquire the skills of fundamental business principles and how to integrate them within the complex and challenging environment of a family business. The course provides specific for an effective Family Business’ management. In addition, it explores the management, family, career and personal issues found in a family owned and managed companies, developing a student’s understanding of these organizations and skills to address the challenges family companies and families The Entrepreneurship and Business Development. All types of businesses must be planned entrepreneurially. This specialization helps to understand the key factors that turn a professional manager into a successful entrepreneur in the current global and networked business environment. Corporate Governance and Strategic Finance. Everyone likes to work with people and has the skill. This specialization provides students with additional skills, knowledge and, above all, focuses to release their full capability to excel in business consultancy. The main target is to bridge the gap between SME mentality, theoretical approach and the market’s reality.

Internships/Project work

The project work (PW) method forms some of the foundations of the way students learn. The PW is formulated as the simulation of a team’s consultancy delivered for a client organization. In the last part of the course, Link Campus University will offer the opportunity to experience an internship in leader companies in Italy and abroad.

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