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Course Code: L-3

Dean: Prof. Alessandro Preziosi


The Link Campus University’s Performing Arts Major Program shapes professional figures able to work within the entertainment and culture world. These, in fact, are the most dynamic and rich sectors that offer several employment opportunities.

The three paths are:


ll courses are taught in English.



The three paths (Performer, FilmMaker and Producer) allow the student to find an occupation within the theatrical field, cinematographic field, and within the fields of television and museums. At the end of each professional path,the student will have the skills to become an entrepreneur within the cultural world.

The faculty 1001notte-Link-Theatre-Link-Campus-University_01is made out of high professional profiles who have established solid networks in the their professional sector. To have such relevant figures as teachers , guarantees the students not only to learn the theory, but also to acquire several skills through labs and internships. These experiences will enrich the students’ cultural baggage and will give them the opportunity of professional growth in the direction and production fields.

As part of the faculty there are Maria Shmaevich, Andrea Baracco, Alessandro Maggi, Silvio Peroni for the Performer minor. Instead,the film maker’s teachers body is composed of Enrico Maria Artale, Marcello Cotugno, Vincenzo Manna . Lastly, the Producer minor is taught by Aldo Allegrini, Tommaso Mattei and Valentina Re.

Since the English Language has become fundamental in the entertainment world , it is of vital importance that the students acquire a mastery of the English language. Therefore, they will be able to shine  in the international context as well.

The study plan incorporates formative paths common to all three fields (Performer, Filmmaker and Producer) and others more specific to each minor. The lectures, furthermore, are integrated by encounters with VIPs from the entertainment world ,labs, project works and internships.

The lectures, the labs and the open try-outs are held in the Casale di San Pio V.



Professional Outlets

The Performing Arts Program of the LCU gives the following professional outlets


  • Performer (actor, singer and dancer)
    • Professional figures   able to perform in theaters, cinema an in the multimedia environment. In addition, the Performing Arts graduates will be able to create and participate to  artistic projects.
  • Director and Authors
    • Professional figures able to write and edit content for theaters, cinema, and in the audiovisual and multimedia context.
  • Producer
    • Professional figures able to manage and organize multimedia projects in the entertainment and communication fields. Furthermore, they will plan and organize events sponsorized by private and public entities .





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