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Requirements: Bachelor degree

Duration: One year master

Starting Date: March 2015

Schedule: every other weekend / full-time weeks

Language: Italian


Fashion and Luxury are the two areas of our economics that require a very strong manager figure because of the various challenges that may occur. The Link Campus University tailors the traditional MBA to the Luxury’s and Fashion’s peculiarities. Therefore, not only the program’s subjects are suited to those fields, but it foresees the possibility of choosing between five electives by allowing the students to narrow their path according to their goals.

Moreover, the participants will be engaged in the classroom and with  partner companies to learn the most complicated procedures of luxury, fashion, marketing online and offline, brand management, trend and forecasting, development of the product supply chair and to conquer the new upcoming  market and to learn the acquisition of brand production.


Study Programme

The program is divided in different parts. The last one foresees  the student’s choice among the five different modules that are focused on a particular subject:

  • The first part of the program is focused on subjects that are vital to acquire management skills.
  • The second part focuses on the courses that are peculiar to the Luxury and Fashion Management’s fields.
  • Lastly, the third part allows the participants to choose among five modules to tailor and shape their profile according to the career they want to pursue.


The total amount of the activities’hours is broken down as follows:

  • 400 hours are dedicated to lectures
  • 160 hours are used for testimonials, workshops, projects, seminars and field trips.
  • 40 hours are planned for the orientation



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