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Requirements: Bachelor Degree

Duration: 438 hours

Languages: bilingual format (English and Italian)

Venue: Rome




The Master of Job’s Services and Politics Management’s goal is to create professional profiles that are capable of working within institutions  and work services. In addition, it will teach to handle industrial relations, managing and promoting human resources, planning actions on the job, plus  handling and organizing the company’s welfare.



Study Program


1st Unit- Fundamentals Teaching



  • Labor’s history and sociology
  • Job’s market institution and active politics
  • European Structural funds: programming, planning and management
  • Market’s instruments, rules and job’s politics
  • Industrial relations’ basics


2nd Unit- Section’s fundamental teachings



  • Bilateralism’s functions and spheres
  • Job’s market: measurement and functioning
  • Active Politics and capabilities’ promotion
  • Systems and incentives to the job
  • Employment services: management’s instruments and models
  • Education’s services and instruments
  • Employment’s territorial basis and labor’s organization
  • Welfare’s fundamentals e companies’ bargaining


3rd Unit- Specialism



A Address: Job’s Market Services


  • Abilities’ certification and balance and integration on the job
  • Active politics and re-employment services
  • Pre-selection services, companies’ recruiting and intermediation
  • Web and social network’s effort, instrument and techniques for the nomination’s survey and promotion
  • Job’s political marketing on territorial basis
  • Access to job’s incentives: national and businesslike interventions
  • Self-employment’s promotion and self-employment as job’s politics in Italy and Europe
  • Analysis, survey and management of companies’ professional needs


B Address: Companies’ welfare and handling labor’s relations

  • The learning nets’ promotion and system between a company and the territory
  • Politics, instruments and interventions for the active aging and the generational passage
  • Bargaining, job’s market and individual’s centrality: employees’ contract and warranties, executives’ contract and warranties, the mediated flexibility and job’s  administration
  • Bargaining, job’s market  and individual’s centrality: “atypical” workers’ contract and warranties, artisans’, venders’, and self-employees’ contract and warranties
  • Gender and diversity’s politics’ management: promoting differences as a job’s quality factor
  • Company’s welfare’s bargaining’s norms and methods.


Internships/Project work

At the end of the educational path, there will be an internship relevant to seminars and workshops that are  held during the units. Finally, there will be a final dissertation including a discussion which  will differ from the project work.



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