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Requirements: MA degree

Typology : second level master

Duration: One year

Starts: March 2017

Language: English /Italian

The Master Course in “Joint China and Italy Economic Cooperation” is a second level master, aims to train professionals able to facilitate some paths of collaboration and partnership with China. The target is to  create young professionals who can navigate through culture, needs, rules, procedures and business language,  that are vital  for Italian and  European development.China is  one of the areas of greatest interest to develop collaborative policies and multi-level partnership with Italy and Europe. This is thanks to  its huge population size, the sustained economic growth rates and the growing international political leadership. Accordingly, relations with China represent a promising opportunity for new jobs and entrepreneurial initiative.After graduation, the new professional figures will be able to operate in cooperation and support to the modernization of China (in environment, sustainability, administrative innovation. etc), as well as to be a supporting element in  the commercial, financial and industrial development  mainly between Italy and China.

It will be a  particular opportunity of new skills application  and at the same time a  “Guide” to Chinese interests in Italy. It encourages partnership and collaboration opportunities in Italy and gives a special attention to  tourism sector.

The teaching staff is composed of Chinese, Italian and international Professors


To direct the  professional figures  to the following job opportunities:

  • International Organizations and the United Nations;
  • National and International NGOs;
  • Research and Study Centers ;
  • Private companies;
  • National and International public authorities, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Agency for Cooperation;
  • Public local administration;
  • Assistance company;
  • Universities with projects assistance abroad.

Study programme

The hours of the various  activities are structured as follows:

  • 460 hours are dedicated to lectures;
  • 100 hours are dedicated to seminars and workshop;
  • 40 hours are dedicated to orientation module.

The programme is composed of:

  • 3 Units
  • Laboratories/ workshop/ seminars
  • Orientation module
  • Work project
  • Internship/ training
  • Placement

Unit-1 The Planet  China

  • Politics, society and institutions
  • Contemporary China, parties, society and “Mixed Economy”
  • Chinese institutions, the territorial organization, skills
  • The role of large urban centers
  • Characteristics of the Chinese international relations
  • Case-study: The intervention model in Africa
  • Economy
  • The structure and industrial policy; the reality of the Chinese production system
  • Financial policy, Stock Exchanges and aspects of economics monetary
  • Taxation system’s organization:  central taxes and  suburbs  fiscal autonomy.
  • The employment law system.
  • Welfare organization  and health sector

Unit-2 The intrusion of bilateral cooperation

  • Italian Chinese cooperation framework:  experiences and results
  • Identifying elements of Chinese demand
  • Requirements, methods and content to answer the demand in water sector, environment and Sustainability, biodiversity and biologic farming, innovative models for the Public Administration, production and organization innovation technologies etc.
  • Tourism attraction:
  • partnership opportunities, assumptions of intervention modes for both  Italian investment in China and Chinese  investment in Italy;
  • Areas, opportunities and techniques of Chinese tourism attraction  in Italy.
  • Investment follow up ( of areas considered as case study):
  • Italians in china
  • Chinese in Italy

Unit-3 The follow up instruments for internationalization in China

  • How to travel to China: welcoming and  transportation system
  • How to agree upon  contracts and commercial documents (Study case)
  • Aspects related to financial statements and accounting rules
  • Aspects related to taxation issues
  • Experiences and marketing campaigns models in China
  • How to advertise in China
  • Intellectual property right


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