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Requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Typology :First level Master

Duration: One year

Starts: March 2017

Language: Italian

The Master Course in Filmmaking aims to train  professional figures of   Filmmakers. Audiovisual specialists  who can create independently an artistic project;  from the concept  to the production and  from the promotion to the market  placing;  handling carefully  all the processing stages.

This Master  develops specific paths  of directing, screenwriting and audiovisual production . In- depth modules are  tailored to follow   the most common and useful  editorial formats ,in order to front onto  the world of work and   guarantee the teaching of all the technical aspects needed for direction and production of an audiovisual product.

The route of this Master Course ends with three laboratories that include the creation of  real  audiovisual products: a video clip, a backstage and a short film.


The objectives of  the study  of Master in Filmmaking  are to give  participants the chance   to acquire:

  • recognition of the artistic, technical, logistic and production aspects of the audiovisual sector in different multimedia applications related to new media;
  • strong capabilities and expertise in the design, planning and management of audiovisual , multimedia and cinematographic  projects;
  • mastery of dynamic planning, management and reporting of promotion issues, distribution and marketing in the audiovisual field;
  • specific skills for the promotion and distribution of audiovisual products, and for the entire self-entrepreneurship.


Study programme

The hours of the various  activities are structured as follows:

  • 400 hours are dedicated to lectures,
  • 160 hours are dedicated to seminars and workshop,
  • 40 hours are dedicated to orientation.

The programme is composed of:

  • 3 Units
  • Laboratories/ workshop/ seminars
  • Orientation module
  • Work project
  • Internship/ training
  • Placement

Unit 1- The project


  • The project of a movie
  • The idea and the subject
  • The screenplay
  • Realization plan

Unit 2- Production


  • Processing plan
  • The business plan
  • Financial resources
  • The production

Unit 3- The realization


  • The direction
  • Photography
  • Styles and techniques of shooting
  • Cinema crafts (film set)
  • Actors (Casting and supervision)
  • Scene
  • Costume/ dress
  • Sound
  • Shooting and Post
  • Editing
  • Postproduction (effects, workflow, color)
  • New media ( new digital devices)


Unit 4- The diffusion



  • Market structuring
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Promotion

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