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This Master constitutes a path of high level academic and  professional  specialization  for  using  the  best innovative  methodologies  both  in  the  geospatial criminal   analysis   sector   that   in   the   operational activities  of  environmental  intelligence. This  route  will  have  a  specific  and  constant  focus  on drones (RPAS or UAV) technologies that are in the environment a  natural place. The core of the master is focused on prevention and combat of environmental crimes that represent today a matter of international profile.

The objectives and the master educational purposes provide  for  the  issue  of  knowledge  and  expertise on   major environmental   problems   and   related phenomena in damage to the environment, such as waste management, the phenomenon of forest fires and illegal building .These issues   are   discussed   both   from   a   legal viewpoint, technical-scientific and operational. This   issues   are   addressed:   geodesy   and   digital mapping, geographic information systems,  aviation theory and technique, RPAS aerial photogrammetry and remote sensing. The  underlying  theme  of  the  whole  master  will  be the  practical  application  of  geospatial  intelligence methodologies   for   crime   mapping   and   profiling through  OSINT  (Open  Source  Intelligence)  and SOSINT (Socio-spatial-intelligence).

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