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Dean: Piergiorgio Valente


LINK 108GIURISPRUDENZAThe Link Campus University’s  International Business Administration Bachelor of Arts Program  shapes professional figures able to work in a internationally oriented  business’ market.

The student acquires skills relative to the Taxation and Finance management and professional activities, such as:

  • Managerial skills for every business;
  • Business, taxation and finance counseling;
  • Entrepreneurial skills.

Since the courses are taught in English by a faculty that is well integrated in the job world, the student can have a theoretical and practical approach to his/her future career. The high profile faculty, also, provides the students with skills needed in the business economics, business management organization and innovation fields. In fact, the lectures are complemented by meetings with majesties of the business field, workshops, project-work, public speaking courses and internships.

In addition, the Link Campus University aims to have the students become integrated in today’s internationalized context by establishing partnerships with foreign companies and universities to allow the students to experience the international reality.

The LCU ‘s International Business Economics Bachelor of Arts Programs offers to all its graduates several professional outlooks:

  • Working in businesses of every size and of every field;
  • Counseling, managerial and organizational businesses and  companies of taxation and finance  counseling
  • Economics study centers of banks, entrepreneurial associations and public administration.

Once graduated from the Business Economic Program, the student will have acquired the skills necessary to start their own entrepreneurial  activities.


Students who sign up  for the International Business Administration major can choose among four Curricula:


All courses are taught in English.




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