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L20 – L3

Dean:  Prof. Alessandro Preziosi


The Link Campus University’s Digital Communications and Performing Arts Bachelor Degree – sharing with the two classes (L-3, L-20) – aims to provide a solid historical and methodological knowledge within the esthetics, language’s philosophy, visual arts and languages, audiovisual, musical and theatrical areas.

This major’s courses are structured to be completed in three years. To earn the Bachelor Degree  at the end of three years, the student must have completed 180 credits.

All courses are taught in English.





Interclass Course: Digital Communications (L-20) & DAMS (L-3)

I Year
Evolution of forms and means of communications 6 M-STO/04
Digital treatment of contents 12 INF/01
Integrated course of Language and creative writing techniques 12 L-LIN/01
Theory and techniques of new media (Basic) 6 L-ART/06
Integrated course of Sound art 9 L-ART/07
Sociology of communications 6 SPS/08
Info & Art-tainment I 9 L-ART/05
Theory and techniques of lingo 12 M-FIL/05
Tot I Year 60
II Year
Integrated course of Digitale entertainment 6 L-ART/06L-ART/04
Public Speaking 9 L-LIN/12
Economics and business management: start-up and models of business 6 SECS-P/08
Anthropolgy of communications 6 M-DEA/01
Post-production video 9 L-ART/06
Multimedia technologies applied to performing arts and video-art 6 L-ART/05
Integrated course of English Literature 9 L-LIN/10
Elements of Regia 6 L-ART/06
Cognitive ergonomics 9 M-PSI/01
Theory and techniques of new media (advanced) 9 L-ART/06
Tot II Year L-3 63
Tot II Year L–20 66
III  Year  L3
Design and management of live events 6 SECS-P/08
Integrated course of Acting 15 L-ART/05
Acting for Cinema 6 L-ART/05
Elective courses (maximum 12 CFU)
III Year  L20
Internet studies and social media management 6 SPS/08
Creative writing for new media 6 L-ART/06
Contents’ design and  services for digital media 6 INF/01
Economics and business management: Marketing strategies 6 SECS-P/08
Elective courses (maximum 12 CFU)
Other languages 6
Final thesis 5
Skills 3
Stage 4
Tot L-3 57
Tot L–20 54


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