Business Management and Job Consulting Curriculum examines in great detail the problem solving of juridical and organizational issues of human resources within the business context. Greater attention is dedicated to the company’s governance.



Study Plan of the Course

Subject Credits
1st Year
Corporate Models 9
Economics and Management Innovation 6
Corporate Strategy and Governance 9
Decisions’ theory and Knowledge Management 9
Comparative Corporate Law 6
Social Security 3
Comparative Employment Law 6
International Corporate and Investment Banking 6
2nd Year
Business creation 6
Empoyment’s Economics 9
Consumers’ Law 9
Elective Exam 6
Additional Linguistic Acquaintances 6
Internship 15
Final Exam 15


Procedural Law of Labor
Business Recession Law
Competition Law
Industrial Accounting
Business Evaluation and Due Diligence
Administrative Law
Business and Labor Psychology



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