Link Campus University offers  an accommodation for every student’s necessity.

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Accommodation and Assistance

Link Campus University Provides assistance in searching for an accommodation for every student’s necessity.

Every accommodation solution, in fact, is structured to suit all kinds of needs. From single rooms to four rooms apartments, all students have the possibility to choose the housing that is better tailored to his/her budget and lifestyle. The University has established relationships with facilities that offer many services.


In addition, the LCU has a solid network with agencies that will assist students in all the procedures required to live and study in Rome. For example, transportation to all offices, filing the application for residence permit and fiscal code. Selecting the more adequate health insurance policy ext…


Lastly ,the LCU thought about the students amusement, also. The LCU, in fact, has settled agreements with museums, libraries, transportation public services and restaurant to guarantee not only an enjoyable stay to the students, but to ensure their comfort in the foreign city.




Monday through Friday: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Tel. +390694800188


Alessandra Liccardo

Tel +393316614344


Kadri Abdouli

Tel +390694800190